Reuben Johnson (left) and Jim Redmond (right)


The late Reuben Johnson and Jim Redmond are charter members of the Gresham Lions.   They have worked for over fifty years to improve our club and community.  In recognition of their efforts the Gresham Lions named the Lions Park in their honor.  Thank you Reuben & Jim!


Norm Brei 

The Gresham Lions first Melvin Jones Fellow was the late Norman Brei.  No one of our members deserved this honor more than Norm.  He was  the backbone of the club in all the activities we undertook.  When a softball tournament is scheduled, you can be sure that the details were under control.  If the club was selling roses, Norm attended meetings and followed through.  During the State Bowling tournament, Norm worked with other clubs to coordinate our efforts.  And last but not least, Norm was always present at events, meetings, whenever the he can help the Gresham Lions and our community.  A Grrreat Lion day-to-day and decade-to-decade… Norm received his 50-year Monarch Chevron in 2011.  Thanks for all your hard work and dedication Norm!




The Gresham Lions Club was chartered in 1953 when a group of community-minded individuals came together to impact the future.  Our club has gained and lost members, just as most other clubs have done over the years.  Some members see the big picture and work hard to fulfill our vision.  We believe that an unusual event for any club has taken place in the Gresham Lions Club.

 The nucleus of our club keeps us moving forward.  The Paiser family members have been part of this nucleus.  Charter member, Jim Redmond, sponsored Dick Paiser and began a tradition.  Dick’s brother, Pete, transferred to the Gresham Club a few years ago.  Dick’s sons, Gary and Tim, continued the family tradition as Lions.  The third generation of Paiser men has joined the club as active members.  Tim’s sons, Trevor and Travis, recently graduated high school.  They plan to work the family farm with the rest of Tim’s family and are our newest Lions.  UPDATE:  Trevor is the 2017-2018 president!  

front – Gary Paiser, Pete Paiser,
rear – Tim Paiser, the late Dick Paiser, Trevor Paiser


Lion Tim Paiser receiving his Melvin Jones Fellowship

from District Govenor Jim Noll on February 12, 2018.



Lion Bob Traeger receives his Melvin Jones Fellowship

from Lion Dave Schoenike - December 10, 2018.




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