High Springs Lions Club (HSLC) Achievements

The HSLC is an incredibly active club with many kind hearted, service oriented, loving members that make things happen.  Having served the community for over 70 years, the High Springs Lions Club (HSLC) has given hundreds of thousands of dollars and hours to the local community and others in need worldwide. HSLC has realized many accomplishments toward their mission of supporting Lions’ community and global service. They're proud of these big numbers, but more proud of how they've reached people in need and created real change. With help from Lions, donors and partners, they hope to continue to add much more to their record of humanitarian community achievements.

Here are just a few ways in which the High Springs Lions Club and their supporters within the community have impacted people in need.

Back to School Backpack Mission
High Springs Leos and Lions Haunted House Event
3rd Annual Veterans Day Celebration
Hurricane Sandy Relief Fundraiser
Angel Tree

First Annual Southern Sirens Ladies Motorcycle Club (LMC) Fundraiser
Fourth Annual Chili Cook Off Competition
Valentines Fundraiser
Saint Patrick's Day Fundraiser
US Military Vets Motorcycle Club Fundraiser


Back to School Backpack Mission

Many parents within the High Springs community do not have the funds to provide basic school supplies for their children. For the past several years, the HSLC has been doing something to help fill this void.  Over 500 new backpacks filled with school supplies were either purchased by (with fundraising funds) or donated to the High Springs Lions Club to be given to "back to school" children in need.   One of the HSLC corporate partners, All Creations Hair Salon, has also been donating at this event by providing "back to school" student attendees with free hair cuts.  Tables stacked with "back to school" clothing were also donated and given to students free of charge.  This event was a huge success and many thanks goes to all those who worked tirelessly to make this event happen.

High Springs area families waiting outside High Springs Civic Center for free backpacks, hair cuts, and clothing.

Backpacks for school waiting for students to take them home.

One of the students showing off her new backpack.

Lion Bob Watson standing in front of the tables of clothing that were generously donated by area businesses.

Parents and students sifting through clothing that were made available to students free for the taking.

The crew from All Creations Salon donating their hair cutlery expertise to "back to school" student attendees.

Other fun outside activities planned for the day.

High Springs Fire Department on-site showing off their shiny red fire truck.

Lion Margie Barkmann and Lion Bob Watson tired but pleased with the days event.

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Hurricane Sandy Relief Fundraiser

When Hurrican Sandy hit the northeast area of the United States, millions of people were without food, water, clean clothes, electricity, and their homes destroyed.  HSLC along with many of the High Springs area local bands and muscians wanted to help raise money to be distributed among the area's disaster victims.  HSLC donated the use of their clubhouse and property to the local bands and muscians for the fundraiser.  The local area bands and muscians donated their time and talent for the one day event that was planned and executed in less than two weeks.  Together they raised over $1,100 to be given to the victims and over three truckloads of food that was given to the High Springs area local food banks.  This event was a huge success and many thanks goes to all those who worked tirelessly to make this event happen.

Acknowledgment from Lions Club International giving thanks for the funds that were raised.

Some of the great folks that helped make this happen.

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Angel Tree

Their roar is not the only large thing a Lion has.  Their heart is just as big.  A large portion of the HSLC fundraising money is designated for the Angel Tree program.  The HSLC Angel Tree program gives less fortunate children from the local area gifts for Christmas.  This year the HSLC was able to provide gifts for 30 children.  Various members of the HSLC were matched with anonymous children chosen through the local Catholic Charities.  Members were allotted $40.00/child and given a paper ornament with the gender, age, and wish list of the child. Each member shopped for their child or children.  The opportunity to provide these children gifts for Christmas was a rewarding and satisfying experience for all.

Silent Lions leaving gifts for those less fortunate.

Lion Bob Watson, elf extraordinaire, showcasing all the presents.

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Southern Sirens LMC Fundraiser

The Southern Sirens Ladies Motorcycle Club (LMC) held their first annual fundraising event at the High Springs Lions Club (HSLC) Saturday, January 19, 2013.  Local favorites, Efen and Jamocracy, provided the musical entertainment.  Everyone enjoyed giant portions of the HSLC famously delicious BBQ, the music, the raffles that were held all day long, the gorgeous weather, hanging out with good people, and full bar privileges. The HSLC is looking forward to hosting their second annual fundraising event and many more to come.


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Fourth Annual Chili Cook Off Competition

January 26th Monday night's social proved to be a hot one.  Nine entrants competed for first, second, and third place best chili awards.  There were three outside independent judges who decided the best of the best.  All the chili was exceptional and picking just three winners out of the bunch was extremely difficult.  Thanks to all who participated in making this fun filled Monday night social a hot one.  Congratulations to the winners. 

Nine pots of chili awaiting the judges decision.  Lion Leslie hard at work in the kitchen.   Lion John waiting to taste.

Smiling judges standing before the chili entries.

The proud winners of the competition;  Lion Rick Rufo, Lion Terry O'neail, and Lion Kelly Deese were first, second, and third place winners.  Congratulations !

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Valentines Fundraiser

On Saturday, February 16, 2012, love, chocolate hearts, romance, and roses were all in the air at the High Springs Lions Club.  Raising money for charity can be romantic as well as rewarding. 

Lots of prizes for the raffles

Just about finished setting up for the festivites

Friends, Family, and Sweethearts at the Valentines Photo Booth

Our oldest member Lion Jack surrounded by the youngest members

Karaoke and comedic entertainment provided by our own Lions

Lion Betsy won the free Relaxation Massage Raffle which was donated by our own Lion Colton

Dancing the night away to heart throbbing music

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Saint Patrick's Day Fundraiser

Celebrating Saint Patrick's Day with one of their favorite bands, "64 Nickels", enjoying a tummy filling traditional homemade Irish corned beef and cabbage dinner, holding a raffle, and selling shamrocks,  the High Springs Lions raised over $200.00 for the Southeastern Guide Dogs for the Blind.  Thanks to all who made this event a success.

Our entertainment for the evening, "64 Nickels", playing music from the 60's, 70's, 80's and more.

Lions Charlie and Anna posing in front of the custom made photobooth

Transforming the clubhouse into a festive Saint Patty's day theme

Over $200.00 dollars raised for Southeastern Guide Dogs for the Blind through raffles and shamrock sales

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US Military Vets Motorcycle Club Fundraiser

On June 1st, 2013, US Military Veterans Motorcycle Club Chapters from all over came together for their yearly reunion at the High Springs Lions Club.  What a great day it was for the Lions.  Hundreds of bikers rode in hungry, thirsty, and ready to have a great time.  High Springs Lion volunteers jumped to the challenge.  They served over 100 pounds of their homemade potato salad, mouthwatering slow and low pulled pork bar-b-que on hand buttered toasted buns, grilled chicken, and their secret recipe baked beans.  Local music talent, Stonebranch, entertained the crowd while Lions Lanier Smith and Bob Holland manned the turkey shoot booth.  The U S Military Vets reunion was a huge success for all involved.  Beautiful weather and the generosity of the Vets garnered record attendance and fundraising monies for their charitable causes while simultaneously helping the HS Lions generate over $600 for their eyeglass fund.

Various US Military Clubs local chapter flags proudly displayed at the event

One member looking over some of the raffle items while others eat, drink, relax, and socialize in the den

Bikers, bikes, tents and vendors enjoy the spacious club's out of doors.

Local band, Stonebranch, performing for the crowd.

Lions Lanier Smith (left) and Bob Holland demonstrate shooting skills at the turkey shoot booth.

Lots of great prizes for raffles.

Bikes as far as the eye can see.

Lions Brian Barkman and Karen Hollingsworth helped serve over 400 plates of High Springs Lions famously delicious bar-b-que and sides to US Military Vet attendees.

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