HIGH SPRINGS LIONS CLUB:   Facility's Rental Guide


Banquet Building

The High Springs Lions Club banquet building can be rented for a low fee, $600 + $150 refundable deposit, as an alternative to expensive hotel/motel ball rooms. It is conveniently located in High Springs, FL next to the Santa Fe River (only 20 minutes north of Gainesville), and is designed to be perfect for your:

• Banquets, receptions, weddings, dances, and parties

• Graduation parties, birthday parties, re-unions

• Plays, concerts, recitals

• Bridal and baby showers

• Business functions, civic, or community group conferences

• Annual events, meetings, seminars, workshops, lectures

• Bereavement, Memorial Services

• Clinics, craft shows, fundraisers, and more


Indoor and Outdoor Professional Sound Stage

There are two professional sound stages for use by orchestras, bands, DJ's, Karaoke, or lecturers with an available podium. 

To service your entertainment needs, the indoor stage is set up above the floor and has ample floor space for dancing, dining, and convention seating. 

Outdoor stage and sound stage are covered and situated up above the ground to purvey the audience.   The outside area of the Lions Club property can accommodate large audiences for any planned outdoor event.

For an additional fee, live DJ, Karaoke, Orchestras, or Bands can be arranged and provided for your event or gathering.


Kitchen, Restrooms, and Catering Information

Kitchen and Restroom

The High Springs Lions Club banquet building and hall has a fully equipped professional kitchen which is included in your rent and is designed to accommodate any of your catering needs. You can save money by bringing and preparing your own food or have our club cater your event. The kitchen is open for as long as was mutually agreed upon in your rental agreement. 

For indoor events, there are both men's and women's indoor bathroom facilities.  For larger indoor/outdoor events, outside bathroom facilities will be provided.

Full-Service Catering

We are more than happy to cater your event and have on-site full service catering capabilities.  We can cater any event held at the High Springs Lions Club or set-up to cook at your event or privately held venue. 

The High Springs Lions Club is notorious for their famously delicious pulled pork bar-b-que, coleslaw, and home made french fries.  We can serve this or any other  delicious meal freshly prepared for your gathering.   Costs are generally charged as a per plate arrangement.  See below to contact for pricing information.

For an additional fee, live DJ, Karaoke, orchestras, or bands can be arranged and provided for your event or gathering.


High Springs Lions Club Park and Ground's Information

  If yours is an outdoor event there is six-acres of parking for over 200 plus vehicles. There is an outside stage as well as picnic, BBQ areas, and horseshoe pits.


Rental Information and General Rules

Although the Rental Agreement stipulates our complete set of rules, here are some general ones for you to consider and agree to follow:

  1. You are responsible to supervise the conduct of all members of your group. Disorderly conduct is prohibited.
  2. Use only the mutually agreed upon and rented area(s).
  3. You can decorate the building to suit your taste -- bring flowers, banners, streamers, signs, and balloons. Extended set-up times available. Dependent upon our booking schedule, you probably will be able to set-up your event in the morning.
  4. If you decorated the banquet hall, all decorations must be removed as we can not be held responsible for any lost items.
  5. Leave all rented spaces in the same clean, orderly fashion, including replacing any items you removed for your event. All trash shall be placed in provided and designated containers.
  6. Your event must comply with all City ordinances, Florida State Statutes, Federal laws and the established rules for use, which apply to the authorized use of any of the High Springs Lions Club facilities.
  7. NO SMOKING in the building, optional outside smoking area if desired.
  8. Use of candles or any open flame is prohibited. If you desire, we can supply optional, attractive battery operated tea candles and holders.
  9. The renter shall assume full responsibility for any unlawful act committed in exercising the Rental Agreement.


For rental information and available dates CALL: (386) 454-4521 
.  If no answer, leave a message. 
Your call will be returned as soon as possible.

A portion of all proceeds from your event will go to Lions Club supported charitable causes.


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