Hurley Lions Club

P.O. Box 261

Hurley, NY 12443


Board of Directors and Membership Meeting

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Lions Club Officers, Directors and Members in attendance included: Ron Shiels, Thomas Bruck,  Ed Weber, Dino Summerano, Rich Ruth and Patraic Bradley

Secretary’s Minutes of December Meeting: Approved on motion by Ron Shiels, and seconded by Ed Weber.

Treasurer’s Report: No Report

Correspondence: Letter from Wilfred Roehe pertaining to election of Officers / Directors and procedures. Letter from Tom And Janice Scarey along with a check for $1000.00 returning (Educational) Scholarship money that their son received several years ago. After two years in college he elected to switch from an Educational Degree to a Medical Degree.

Boy Scouts: Took their annual Winter camping trip to Lake George and went skiing at Gore Mountain. The Cub Scouts appear to be in need of leadership positions.

Town of Hurley Committee: No Report

See Screening Committee: No Report

Golf Committee: Tournament scheduled for first Monday in October 10/6/14

Old Business: No Report

New Business: Discuss Officers and Directors nominations. Rich Ruth will do a phone canvass of prospective candidates. This meeting was not official since we did not have a Quorum. Because of the bad weather, Birthday celebrations and several Q Tips ran south for the Winter.

Adjournment: Motion by Ron Shiels and seconded by Tom Bruck


Respectfully submitted,

Tom Bruck

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