Our club has done so many great things over the past years from supporting our local Schools for their special Project they might have, and our local Park and Rec Department on their Projects.  We have Donate to the Leader Dogs and recieved the "Top Dog Award" for 2020.  Helping the people of Gatlinburg Wild Fire through LCIF back in 2018.  We are, "Proud to Serve" where we can.  Below is one of our Great Accomplishment we are proud of.


APRIL 17, 2012

The Lakeland Lions were formed in November of 1981.  Through the years they have conducted many fund raisers to support their local, national and international Lion’s activities.  On Tuesday April 19 they held their annual meeting with the local schools, charities and organizations they support, to distribute the funds they have earned this year. 

Club President Calvin Sammons announced to the meeting that this year the Lakeland Lions had achieved a historic milestone.  From its founding in 1981 to today, the Lakeland Lions Club has raised   its one millionth dollar that has been distributed to individuals in need and to  local, county, state, national and international charities and organizations in support of Lions activities.

Pictured (SEE PHOTO SECTION), from left to right is founding member Dr. Ken Weinberg, Foundation Treasurer Hank Hess presenting  the representative $1,000,000th dollar raised by the Lakeland Lions to, Martin Monson a representative from the Tennessee School for the Blind, Fund Raising and Membership Chairman Bert Faller, and founding member Ken Flanagan.



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