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LIONS CLUB OF ENTEBBE was chartered in August  2002. It used to exist in the seventies but problems within the country resulted in in-activity and its demise. The Legacy of the Lions of the 1970's was a LIONS CHILDREN'S PARK in Town.  The designs of the park were accessed by the current Lions from Entebbe Municipality and it is slowly been renovated.  The challenges for the club are many but it will rise to meet these as they surface.



Map of UGANDA with Entebbe highlighted in red on shores of Lake Victoria and insert of Africa showing Uganda highlightedEntebbe is on the shores of Lake Victoriain in Uganda, a landlocked country on the African Continent.  It shares borders with Tanzania and Rwanda on the South, Kenya on the West , Congo on the East and Sudan on the North. It is a beautiful country that will interest any tourist as it has abundant and unique fauna - includes the giantmountain Gorilla, Elephant, Hippo, Crocodiles and every known species of deer and antelope, a vast expanse of water in the form of Lake Victoria - the birthplace of the great River Nile that vends its way a good 6600 miles to the Mediterranean Sea, mountains such as the Rwenzoni range ( the legendary Mountains of the Moon) with Mt. Margherita rising 5100 metres above sea level, all accessible by a relatively good system of sealed and earth roads.

Projected population of Entebbe municipality for the 2010 is 100,000 people during the day time. (2002, UBOS). The Municipality has an estimated 16,000 households, 700 shops, 4 markets and several industries.

The majority of Entebbe's residents are civil servants employed in government ministries. Others make their livelihood through agriculture, fishing, producing consumer goods, or through small-scale industry. The primary languages are English and Luganda


Republic of Uganda

Area: 241,040 sq. km. (93,070 sq. mi.); about the size of Oregon.
Cities: Capital--Kampala (2002 pop. 1.2 million). Other cities--Jinja, Gulu, Mbale, Mbarara.
Terrain: 18% inland water and swamp; 12% national parks, forest, and game reserves; 70% forest, woodland, grassland.
Climate: In the northeast, semi-arid--rainfall less than 50 cm. (20 in.); in southwest, rainfall 130 cm. (50 in.) or more. Two dry seasons: Dec.-Feb. and June-July.

Population : 34 million.
Annual growth rate (2004 est.): 4.0%.
Religions (2007): Christian 85%, Muslim 12%, other 2%.
Languages: English (official); Luganda and Swahili widely used; other Bantu and Nilotic languages.
Education: Attendance (2000; primary school enrollment, public and private)--89%. Literacy

Entebbe in Arusha ConentionNairobi Convention Conention


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