Plan for the LY 2023 – 24


Our plan for this Lionistic Year is to undertake activities aimed at Promoting Lionism, offering

Service to the Community as well as consolidating Club leadership

Promoting Lionism

1. Continued Membership growth

2. Strengthening of the Leos’ Club

Service to the Community

Our service activities will be aligned to our District Goals and the focus areas of Lions Clubs

International, but also consolidating the previous efforts of the club. Thus, the broad areas of service are Childhood Cancer; Diabetes; Environment; Hunger; and Vision.

The following are earmarked as priority areas but may be reviewed as the needs of the society unfold.

1. Continue with maintenance and development of the Entebbe Children’s Park

2. Consolidate works on completing construction of the Lions Club of Entebbe - Health Centre for the Elderly

3. Improvement community health through a comprehensive Health Camp in partnership with a health facility in Entebbe.

4. Provide support to vulnerable populations (institutions and households) in Greater Entebbe

5. Disaster response as when need arises.

In as much as possible, the service activities will be undertaken in partnership with the respective

Local administration structures and/or sister Lions Clubs in Uganda.

Leadership Growth and Club Administration

1. Consolidate transparency in club administration through periodic executive and general meetings

of the Club.

2. Encourage more members to participate in Lions leadership training

3. Enhancing cohesion of Club members through assorted get together activities including family



Lion Rachael N Ssetuba

Club President 2023 – 24

1 st July 2022

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