Winter Express 2015

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This program would not be possible without the continued support of the community. Thank you.

We receive many thank you's from the students after the event. Some of them make us realize exactly why we do this program and how much it means to the children. The one below was received in 2015.

Winter Express is a program created to allow local children, Kindergarten through Third grade, the opportunity to have their photo taken with Santa and choose four presents for their loved ones. A total of 716 students from Dow’s Prairie, Morris, Fieldbrook, Trinidad, Orick and Big Lagoon Schools participated in the 2015 Winter Express event. Over 250 volunteers helped make Christmas a special time for children. The experience of being able to make their own gift choices for loved ones is a memory that they will cherish for many years to come. Please call (707) 496-6695 for more information.

Volunteers line up to assist the students as they shop. They can make suggestions, but each gift choice is totally up to the student. No parents or family members are allowed to volunteer while their child is participating.

As each class enters the "store", volunteers clap to welcome the students.

Students line up and patiently wait to see Santa.

Santa receives many hugs during the three day event.

They are so happy to see Santa.

Many students want to make sure that Santa is real by testing his beard.

They take the time to tell him what they want for Christmas.

Some decisions are so hard to make.

There are 20 tables to display a large assortment of items so the children can select a total of four most treasured gifts.

One student makes her selection from the tool section.

While another makes a selection from the jewelry case.

Lion Mark helps to direct "traffic" in the wrapping area.

Almost 3,000 gifts are wrapped with care.

Gifts are ready to go under the tree at home.

Volunteers help fill out the tags for some of the younger students.

Ron and Mary Richard have been volunteering for many years.

Presents get wrapped so there is no peeking at home.

Long time volunteer, Wanda Mintz adds a special touch to the refreshment area.

McKinleyville High students have been volunteering for many years.

They enjoy getting their photos taken with Santa.

The Wainwright's have made this a volunteer

opportunity for the whole family.

Michele Moody, Dylan Roberts and Dustin Roberts have been volunteering for many years.

Fifth District Supervisor, Ryan Sundberg, attended the event while the Fieldbrook students shopped for their family.

The new MUSD Superintendent, Dr. Al Rosell, stopped by to see why his students were so excited for this field trip.

The committee that works year round to organize

the Winter Express event.





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