Lions Club Flag Day 2016

The McKinleyville Lions Club recently presented its Flag Day program to the second grade classes at Dow's Prairie School.  Members held the attention of 120 second grade students with stories of Betsy Ross and American flags sent to the moon, mars and even to deep space on Pioneer 10. The students had many questions such as: “Is the American Flag in other Countries?” “How big is Pioneer 10?” and “Do the Girl Scouts have a ceremony to retire the flag too?”

Three flags were displayed during the program.  The first was the Betsy Ross flag with 13 stars, then a 48 star flag and finally the modern 50 star flag.  Members demonstrated the proper technique for folding the flag and explained the meaning of each fold.  As always, each student was given a flyer with pertinent information and a personal flag that they can appreciate, respect and display in their room at home.

The McKinleyville Lions Club has been providing a Flag Day program for second grade students in McKinleyville since 1978.  Members presented the second grade teachers with a “Certificate of Appreciation” for coordinating an assembly in the school gymnasium.  (Photos by Lion Marie Ruth)


Students were shown the Betsy Ross flag

The 48 star flag was also displayed

Sounds of awe were heard as members unfurled the 50 star flag

Students were shown the proper way to fold a flag and told what each fold represents

The folded flag mimics the cocked hats worn by soldiers of long ago

Students were shown a photo of the Pioneer 10 Satellite.

Students had many questions.

Members present the second grade teachers with a Certificate of Appreciation.

Seven members participated in this event.

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