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New Member Brings New Idea
When Patricia A. “Pat” Bond joined our OKC Downtown Lions Club in 1987, she brought an idea for a new project: a party for persons of all ages with mental and-or physical handicaps. Our board of directors wasn’t very enthusiastic but voted to let her hold one such party. She was given just $75 of club money.
Lion Pat put together the party, booked it into the Arts Center on the fairgrounds and sent out invitations.
By the time that first party ended – attended by 70-plus guests, our club knew it had a winner!
Our club now holds four parties each year: Valentine’s Day, Prom, Halloween and Christmas.
In addition to an evening of socializing and dancing, the guests enjoy a light meal … fried chicken with potato salad, or hamburgers and fries, or barbeque, or pizza, etc. Desserts are cookies or brownies, or sometimes cupcakes. And plenty of soft drinks, sugared or diet.
At each party, each guest is given a toy or other gift. Many also take home the table decorations, balloons, etc. Our guests range from pre-teens to their late 60s.
Currently, we send out 200 invitations and have about 130 participants at each party. Our budget has increased some, but we rely on donations from some local businesses too!!
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