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Our Partnership with Fire Buddies was a success

Over $460.00 was raised for the Fire Buddies April 21st

Thank you for everyone for thier support

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Raffle Ticket Sales anytime at

Paddy 'B's

11969 West 143rd Street


The "Queen of Hearts"

is still available --- buy your tickets today!!!

Playing the Queen of Hearts

A Queen of Hearts manufactured raffle board has been developed specifically for this Raffle Game. The board has 54 sealed numbered positions. Under the sealed positions and randomly placed the manufacturer has concealed a deck of poker cards with 2 Jokers. When you purchase a raffle ticket, you retain half and fill out the required info and chosen card position on the other half and return. Your returned half will then be placed in a tumbler that will be used for mixing that week’s raffle tickets. Every Friday @    7 pm one raffle tickets will be removed from the tumbler and the position written on the raffle ticket will be revealed. If it is the Queen of Hearts, then that raffle ticket holder wins the Grand Prize. In any case, all the old raffle tickets are disposed of and a new game begins for the following Friday where the entire process is repeated.

Rules for the Queen of Hearts

  1. Tickets will be sold for $1.00 each, six for $5.00 or Twenty six tickets for $20.00.
  2. Drawing date will be each Friday at 7:00p.m. Normally the drawing will take place at Paddy B’s (unless posted 14 days in advance for new location). Tickets sales will stop approximately 15 minutes prior to drawing and that week’s Jackpot amount will be announced.
  3. The Player holding that evening’s winning ticket (pulled from the tumbler) will chose a positon from the raffle board. If that individual is not present, then the written position provided on the raffle ticket will be selected. If there is no position indicated on the raffle ticket then the first available position will be chosen (starting with position ONE). That position will be opened to revel the card in that position.
  4. To win the pot, the chosen position must contain the concealed Queen of Hearts from the Board.
  5. If the Queen of Hearts is not revealed, the pot rolls over to the next week unless a Joker is revealed. The Joker will end the current board and 10% of the pot will be paid to the ticket holder.
  6. The pot will continue to build until the Queen of Hearts is drawn or $100,000.00 is reached in the pot; this could take up to 54 weeks (54 positions/one per week).
  7. If you are not going to be present at the drawing, you must declare a numbered position from the board and write the number position on your Raffle ticket stub along with your name and & contact information. Winners will receive the same percentage of jackpot regardless of whether they are present or not.
  8. Winning ticket holder that picks the Queen of Hearts, they will receive 60% of the pot. The Orland Park Lions Charitable Corporation will get the remaining 40%. All proceeds from this raffle are placed in the Lions Club Charitable account to be utilized to promote community service and to help the disadvantage.
  9. All winners over the $600 amount are required to fill out a W2-G (federal tax withholding form). No money will be paid out until proper identification and information for taxes is provided. All winning players are responsible for any and all taxes. If a winner is unwilling or unable to provide W2-G information, the prize money will revert to the Orland Park Lions Club.
  10.  All tickets and monies will be accounted for by Orland Park Lions Club in accordance with all Department of Charitable Gaming requirements.
  11.  In the unlikely event it appears that the Orland Park Lions Club Raffle License would expire prior to the Raffle game being played out, then tickets will be sold and drawn the last night before license expiration, until someone draws the Queen of Hearts and wins the current pot.
  12.  If your raffle ticket is drawn you automatically win a prize amount. If you draw a pay card, you will receive the pay card prize and the prize for that stage ticket drawing. If the Joker is shown at any time during the game progression then the current board is abandoned and a new board will be implemented. 10% of the pot will be paid out to the ticket that revealed the Joker; the remainder of the proceeds are carried forward to the next board.
  13.  Drawings will be held every Friday (starting April 24th, 2015) at 7:00 pm until someone draws the Queen of Hearts. After the Raffle game has been fully played out (Queen of Hearts was picked) then the Queen of Hearts Raffle Game board shall be retained by the organization for a minimum of 45 days. A new game will start immediatelely.                                    (Rules subject to change)
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