Lion's Club of Bangalore Padmanabhanagar Installation was on 07|06|2017 at 4:30 PM, Lion S. Sharath Kumar Selected as Club President. on the day of Installation 26 New members joined there hands for the club, 

July Month Service Activity.

Job Fair for Physically handicap peoples

Lions Club of Bangalore Padamanabhanagar as organized Job Fair for Physically Challenge People in Gulbaraga on July-4th-2017. 200+ Physically challenge people attended the job fair and 72 people got selected 4 people got a Loan from government.


Lion's Club of Bangalore Padmanabhanagar donated 1600 Ayurvedic Plants to Lions Members.


Lion's club of Bangalore padmanabhanagar constructed his first Legacy project in chanapatna sarvajanika school.

Innograted by our district 317A governor, Lion G.P. Divakar pmjf,

Lion's club of Bangalore padmanabhanagar planted 60 danavatara plants on 29th July 2017.

The event was innograted by district 317A district governor. and many other lion members of padmanabhanagar.


Padmanabhanagar Club Distributed 3500 Books for Sarvajanika School in channapatna in presense of our 317A District Governor Lion Divakar PMJF, Lion Girish RC, Lion Jayalakshmi ZC, with our Padmanabhanagar Club Members,


Lions Club of bangalore Padmanabhanagar Donated amplifier, speakers, books, mic , biscuits for the School Student of Muniyappan Dhodi, on 28|07|2017 in the presence of District chairperson Lion Kareem Ramnagar Club, Lion Munavar Pasha and lion members of padmabhanagar,


Lions Club of Bangalore Padmanabhanagar organized Health Check and eye checkup  Camp in Sarvajanika school in Channapatna and we distrubuted medicine for children's , 1600 students where benifited from the service ,

The Event was inaugurated by our District Lion G P. Divakar, 


We have organised a service in Geetha Ashram on 25|07|2017 Service Activity organized between 4PM to 9PM, There was bajan organized in the ashram , we have donated 60 Bedsheets and 10 mats to childrens, food for children's for full day 


July 08th Lion's Club of Bangalore padmanabhanagar Celebrated Doctors day, we have invited 4 Doctors to give us awerness about the health Diabetics, Gynic, Cancer, Genral phys ,  

August Month Service Activity.

On August 06|08|2017 We have distributed 500 plants sampling for the PES Collage students in the vocation of Prathiba Puraskara organized by Media Association of Karnataka, in the vocation they have identified backward students and helped them the cash award to pay fees for the graduation, 



Lions Club of Bangalore Padmanabhanagar District Chairperson Lion Bharathi Krishnappa organized an Eye Awareness program for the General Public and she gave new life to the blind couples by getting them married to start new life she had taken the full responsibility of marriage expenses by Lion Bharathi Krishnappa. Our District 317A Governor was with us for the service activity, our region Chairperson Lion Girish and Zone Chairperson Lakshmi Gangadhar was with us on the occasion. 


We have celebrated Independence Day Celebrations With Malur Government School and we donated 1000 Note Books to school children's.

September 2017 Service Activity.

We had organised a Blood Sampling camp for the Geetha Ashram School childrens and Genral Public, Our DC for Blood bank Lion S Shivananjaya was present to grace the Service Activity,


Padmanabhanagar members donated hygiene kits and biscuits to orphanage school children's for 200 childrens we had Lion S Manoj Kumar DC for Childrens to grace the service activity 


Lions Club of Bangalore padmanabhanagar organized Medical check up camp in Nayandhalli village in Memon Hall for the public from morning 9:30 am to 5PM Diabetic , sugar, BP, Eye Checkup and general check up for Old Age , we have distributed more 10000 worth medicine to the public 


Lion's Club of Bangalore Padmanabhanagar , organized rally for river leaded by Lion Ganghadar in chanapatna we had public support too for the awareness program. 


Padmanabhanagar Team as organised a teachers day in Kandi tree , we honored BIT Chairman professor Malaiaiha on the occasion  


We have arranged September club meeting at Kandi tree, we had invited special guest, theam speaker for the day, the grace the occasion we had Regional Chairperson Girish and 1st VDG V Renukumar, we had indoctrination for new lion members, and induction for Leos, 

October Month Service Activity

Everyone speak about cleanliness in the bus stop which they use or see and don't take initiative to clean the bus stop,

Lion's club of Bangalore padmanabhanagar, Leo's club of Bangalore padmanabhanagar and Anil Shetty proved again that team work can change a small issue rather complaining on others, we took initiative to clean and paint maleshwaram 18th Cross bus stop ,

Our team celebrated the Gandhi Jayanti by cleaning the bus stop rather going for long vacation, we proved it's our bangalore let's give some time to care for Bangalore


Lions Club of Bangalore Padmanabhanagar in association of SSB Solution organized a Job Fair in Gulbarga on 7th October 2017, 150 Corporate companies were part of it nearly 6000 people were gathered for jobfair 3500 Youth Got An Offer Letter. 


Lion's Club of Bangalore Padmanabhanagar Donated 65 Benches for the School children's in Munniyapandhodi in channapatna on October 3rd, We had special Guest Lion Nagaraj Bairy 2nd VDG for District 317 A  


Lions Club of bangalore padmanabhanagar Participated Eye Sight rally organized by Region Chairperson Lion Girish, 


We got a chance to celebrate Kannada Rajyotsava with Blinds School on November 1st , We got a chance to interact and understand more about how kannada language is important for everyone


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