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CLUB COMMITTEES (As of 2021-2022)

Audit:  Lori B, Lari, Barbara                             

Basket Auction:  All Club Members

Budget:  Lori B, Barbara, Lorri R, Marge, Judy

Bylaws:  Lori R, Lori B, Louise

Can Tabs:  Lucille, Kathleen

Candy:  Leah, Barbara, Louise

Community Concerns:  Gail, Marge, Leah, Judy

Community Service:  Lorri R, Lari, Judy, Louise

Diabetes:  Leah, Judy

E-Clubhouse:  Lorri R

Eyeglass Collection:  Lori B, Kathleen Louise

Facebook:  Gail

4th of July Parade:  Gail, Louise

Friendship Night:  Cheryl F (2023)

Guide Dog Walk:  Lari, Louise, All Members

Historian:  Lari


Membership:  Barbara, Lorri

Nominations:  Barbara R, All PP, 1 Bd member who has not been President, 1 General Member who has not been President

Pancake Breakfast:  Lori B, Gail, All Members

Peace Poster:  Louise, Barbara

PR & Publicity:  Gail

RAP, Barbara, Lorri R

Scholarship:  Louise, Judy, Leah, Cheryl F

Scrapbook:  Dot, Gail

Special Projects:  Lari, Lorri, Judy, Leah

Sunshine:  Leah, Dot

Vision:  Lorri R, Judy, Leah, Cheryl, Barbara, Grace

Yard Sale:  Judy R, All Members





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