Melvin Jones Fellowship

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The Melvin Jones Fellowship is recognition of a commitment to humanitarian work. It is not an award in the tradition of Lions awards presented for specific accomplishments. Created in 1973, the fellowship is named for the founder of Lions Clubs International, Melvin Jones. The fellowship is the foundation's highest honor and represents humanitarian qualities such as generosity, compassion, and concern for the less fortunate.

Club Recipients (presented by the club):  Shirley Chamberlain, Louise Ebert, Lari Fiala, Connie Fuccillo, Irene Green, Marge Safranek, Judie Swiss, Judy Rohtla.   (Presented by the District):  Lorri Kerzner Rieger

Progressive Melvin Jones Fellows (more than one Fellowship)  Lorri E.Rieger, Louise Ebert, Judy Rohtla


What is the Robert J. Uplinger Distinguished Service Award?
Established in 1993, the award honors outstanding Lions and non-Lions or organizations who perform exemplary service to a Club, district, or community. These honorees possess the highest examples of Lionistic character, ideals, purpose, and service. The award cannot be purchased by an individual-it must be presented as a recognition of the recipient's service.

Club Recipients: Lorri Kerzner (Rieger), Louise Ebert, Barbara Ramirez, Juta Judy Rohtla, Lari Fiala, Lori Belmonte, Dot Meister , Gail Farmer, John Meister, Fred Rieger, The Colony Shop, Cuffy Mullaly, Marge Safranek, Leah Tremblay

Progressive (more than one):  Lorri E. Rieger, Barbara Ramirez                                   

Knights of the Blind Award Recipient:  Louise Ebert, Lorri E. Rieger

Every Day Hero:  Lorri E. Rieger

Miracles Through Service:

International President's Award:  Lorri E. Rieger

Graduate International's Faculty Development Institute:  Lorri E. Rieger

Graduate International's Faculty Development Excelllence Series:  Lorri E. Rieger

Graduate Senior Lions Leadership Institute:  Lorri E. Rieger‚Äč

Graduate Lions Leadership Institute - Bachelors/Masters:  Lorri E. Rieger

District Governor's from this club:  2009-10, 2012-13 Lion Lorri Kerzner (Rieger)

Zone Chairs from this club:  Louise Ebert, Lorri Kerzner (Rieger)

Region Chairs from this club:  Lorri Kerzner (Rieger)

GLT from this club:  Lorri E Rieger

GST from this club:  Barbara Ramirez

Cabinet Secretaries from this club:  Barbara Ramirez, Lorri E. Rieger

Cabinet Treasurers from this club:  Judy Rohtla, Lorri E. Rieger

District Committiees from this club:  Louise Ebert, Lari Fiala, Gail Farmer, Barbara Ramirez, Lorri E. Rieger, Lori Belmonte






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