We will be starting each evening at approximately 6:30pm.

1st -  Heron Gardens, Bristol Road, Glebe Road & Avenue, Cadbury Road, Norfolk Road, Forrester Road, Brampton Way, Falcon Close, Court Close.

2nd - Wetlands Lane and St Marys Road, Underwood Road, Greenfield Park, Capenor Close, Mead Road, Maysfield Close, Clapton Lane (start of).

3rd - Exeter Road, Winford Close, Portland Drive, Denston Drive, Brampton Way, Lynton Close, Clayton Close, Blenheim Way, Richmond Road, Halletts Way, Albert Road, Victoria Square.

4th - Meet Santa in the Precinct. 10am to 4pm.

6th - St Peters Road, The Garstons, The Paddock, Church Road North & South, Newlands Hill, Church Close, Roath Road (top), Slade Road, Orchard Close

7th - Newfoundland Way, The Anchorage, Merchants Square, Argentia Place, Navigators Court, Pennant Place, Halyard Way, Keel Avenue, Guillemot Road, Bittern Avenue, Sanderling Place, Whimbrel Avenue, Turnstone Avenue

8th - Phoenix Way, Lapwing Close, Goshawk Drive, Kittiwake Drive, Sanderling Place, Kingfisher Road (part only), Wren Gardens, Sparrow Lane, Dunlin Drive, Phoenix Way, Kingfisher Road, Fieldfare Avenue, Stonechat Green, Brambling Lane

9th - Phoenix Way (from Stonechat), Redpoll Drive, The Finches, Bunting Lane, Robin Place, Wagtail Crescent, The Finches, Robin Place, The Finches, Goldcrest Way, Siskin Close, Linnet Gardens, Curlew Place, Teal Way, The Martins

10th - Phoenix Way, Malin Parade, Biscay Drive, The Crescent, White Row, Finisterre Parade, Tyne Grove, Shannon Walk, Fitzroy Circus, Bailey Court, Finisterre Parade, Lundy Gate, Shannon Walk, Curlew Place (from Teal Way), Forth Avenue

11th - Meet Santa in the ALDI car park. 10am to 4pm.

12th - Come to our stall at the Victorian Evening. (No Santa sorry)

14th - Phoenix Way (to Marjoram Way), Camomile Walk, Tansy Lane, Marjoram Way, Rosemary Crescent, Marjoram Way, Fennel Road, Tarragon Place, Sorrel Gardens, Thyme Close, Phoenix Way (to end), Papermill Gardens

15th - The Vale, Conference Avenue, Tydeman Road, Holmlea, The Park, The Pippins, Galingale Way, Peartree Field, Mulberry Avenue and Close

16th - Lambourne Way, The Bramleys, Aelfric Meadow, Conference Avenue, Jacobs Meadow, The Russets, Cheviot Meadow, Moor Gate

17th - South Avenue, South Road, South View, Seville Road & Close, Burlington Road (Top), Leighview, Eastwood, Pier Road, Woodhill Park, South Road (top of)

18th - Meet Santa in Sainsburys car park. 10am to 4pm.

20th - Woodhill Road, Beach Road East, Gardner Road, Woodhill Avenue, Fircliff Park, The Knoll

21st - Station Road, Lower Burlington Road, Watch House Place, Eastcliff, Lockside, Burlington Road, Sally Hill, Woodacre, Pier Close, Pier Road to Royal


If you wish to make a donation you can do so by putting coins and notes into the buckets of our collectors or you can use one of our contactless payment units; just specify the amount to the collector. Either way, we will endeavour to maintain social distancing.

We will do our best to stick to this schedule but please note the routes and times could change at very short notice depending on the weather and the latest Covid-19 restrictions. 

We would ask you not to contact us to request additional streets as we have a limited capacity to be able to cover the streets already listed.

For up-to-date route information please check our website daily at 5pm:

or our Facebook page at:







Our Flamingos were on BBC Points West (17/06/21)

(24:00 minutes in)

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Our Motto is "We Serve"

We've been serving the local community for 50 years


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Please consider making a donation to our general charity account or our defbrillator maintainence appeal.



Did you enjoy seeing our Santa Float at Christmas?


We enjoyed doing it and seeing the joy it brought to the residents who cameout to see us either in their streets or at the supermarket car parks.


To be able to do events like this we need more volunteers.

 It's a new year and if you are looking for something new to get involved in, we are actively looling for new additional members to join us to put on our extensive range of events throughout the year (subject to Covid restrictions being lifted).

We run car boot sales, host health promotoion events, organise concerts, provide financial support to the Portishead foodbank, provide maintenance services to Portishead Youth Centre, plant Daffodil bilbs, litter pick, maintain the 29 Defibrillators we have installed in and around the town and partner with other organisations.

Irrespectve of whats happening in the world, we have local organisations and individuals who need help, so our work never stops. 


Why not get in touch with us and ask how you can help your local community



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