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SHLC would like to see news about its  members during the pandemic.

June 11, 2020

SHLC Announces 2020 Scholarship Award-Winners

    In an email to the Sag Harbor Lions Club members, the Scholarship Selection Committee  introduced the 2020 Scholarship recipients:

Halle Brooke Kneeland— Halle’s career choice is to be a pediatric nurse or a children’s oncology nurse. In her personal essay she stated that she would love to work with children in a cancer treatment center…” Halle plans to attend the University of Florida.

Henry Wagner Brooks—Henry’s career choice is either business or law. In Henry’s essay he stated that he wants “to pursue opportunities to continue…to make the Sag Harbor Community proud.” Henry plans to attend the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Lola Rita Lama—Lola would like to be an actor or a playwright. In her essay, Lola wrote about volunteering at East Hampton’s LVIS thrift store where she “learned so much about giving back.” Lola plans to attend NYU Tisch School of Arts.

    In late March, anticipating the harsh financial impact from Covid-19, the Sag Harbor Lions adjusted the 2020 Scholarship Fund to $20,000. In a letter to Ms. Motto at Pierson informing her of the adjustment the club wrote “because of the social distancing rules, and, more importantly, because many of our donors are preoccupied with paying rent, electric bills, groceries, et. cetera our fundraising is at a complete stop.

June 11, 2020

Lion Steve Attends the MD-20 DGE Training

After the cancelation of the State Convention, which was to be held May 1-3 in Buffalo, the Multiple District's training for all of New York State's District Governor-elects was also canceled.  

Now that Southern Tier Region has gone into Phase Two of the state's reopening, the three day training for the eleven DGEs is being held in Binghamton beginning Friday, June 11 at the DoubleTree Hotel.

May 14, 2020

SHLC Members Delivers "Project Sweetness"

Lions Glenn Paul, Robert Loesch, and Steve Espach deliver "Project Sweetness" to the loading dock of Southampton Stony Brook Hospital last Thursday, May 14. This was the final week of the project.


May 6, 2020

Lion Steve Helps with "Project Sweetness"

Project Sweetness WesthamptonLion Steve traveled to Westhampton Care Center to assisted Pres. Judi Perez from the Southold LC with "Project Sweetness." The facility's Administrator Kelly Brady [L] and Valerie Barba, the Dir. of Nursing [LC] received the ice cream. Thee photo was taken by the driver.


May 3, 2020

SHLC Lion is Elected as 20-S' Next District Governor

Lion Steve at LCI HQ Feb 2020

Lion Steve is pictured at the headquarters of The
International Association of Lions Clubs In Oak Brook, IL
while attending the DGE weeklong seminars back in
February 2020.

Past President Steve Espach was elected as the next District Governor of Lions District 20-S in Suffolk County after the electronic ballots were recorded on May 2nd.  Lion Don Stirnweis (Mattituck LC) was elected as the First Vice District Governor.  The candidate for Second Vice District Governor is vacant. A search for a candidate will be made to fill that office this year, as well as for next year.

Both Lions Steve and Don will represent the East End leading the Cabinet for two consecutive years. This is a first for District 20-S history!

April 22, 2020

SHLC Delivers "Project Sweetness" to Southampton Stony Brook

Project Sweetness 4/22/20VP Sean Kiely [L to R], Pres Tony Lawless, Jeanne Zaykowski, and DG Marianne [end] deliver ice cream to the loading dock of the hospital. The ice cream is given to the front-line medical personnel to make their lives a little bit sweeter.

The funds to purchase the ice cream,  delivered to Suffolk County hospitals, including Southampton, were provided through an emergency block grant of $200,000.00 from LCIF to NY State & Bermuda Lions – MD-20. In turn, 20-S applied and received $18,250.00 to provide "Project Sweetness" approved by the 20-S Cabinet.  The ice cream was purchased from Hershey's Creamery in East Northport who donated the time for the drivers and the delivery truck.


April 13, 2020

FVDG Steve Espach Announces Being on the MD-20 Electronic Ballot on May 2, 2020

FVDG Steve announces that there will be electronic balloting on May 2 conducted by   MD-20 for the District Governor and other district position elections.  The club is entitled to three delegates to vote.  More information will be coming from Lion Secretary Jim.

Candidate for District Governor Steve's biography appears in the April, MD-20 Magazine.

April 3, 2020

SHLC BOD Reviews 2019-2020 Scholarship Awards

Due to the harsh financial impact from COVID-19 upon many of our “grassroots” donors, we will not be reaching out to them at this time, not when they have concerns about paying rent, electric bills, et cetera. Furthermore, our first Spring Fundraising Gala has been canceled.  Read more.

April 2020

NYS&BL Announces Electronic Balloting following Cancelation of the Buffalo Convention

The Council of Governors has canceled the MD-20 convention in Buffalo and has authorized electronic balloting. information regarding delegates is being sent to President Tony and Secretary Jim.

March 27, 2020

LCI Cancels Singapore Convention

Read our International President's message regarding the cancelation.

March 15, 2020

SHLC BOD Cancels Monthly Membership Meeting

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Board of Directors of the Sag Harbor Lions Club has canceled the Monthly Membership Meeting scheduled on March 25th at the American Hotel.

March 11, 2020

FVDG Steve Espach's Bid Possibly Delayed?

Following Gov. Andrew Cuomo's ban of groups of 500 or more in NY State, the MD-20 Lions Convention in Buffalo, NY has been suspended until further notice.  This may delay FVDG Steve's bid to become District Governor.

The MD-20 and international Constitution and Bylaws direct that a district governor not be held over and a new district governor be installed on the last day of the International Convention. An email was sent to MD and 20-S leaders from a Senior Counsel in the Legal Division at LCI setting forth a plan for all of the districts affected around the globe by governmental bans caused by the COVID-19 virus.

The MD-20 Secretary/Treasurer and Constitution & Bylaws Committee are taking the plan under advisement so that the eleven district governor-elects, including SHLC's  Imm. Past President Steve Esapch, will still be nominated and elected as 20-S' next District Governor.

Further information regarding the plan for the delegates and the candidates will be announced when made available.

The convention normally attracts 1,100 Lions from NY State and Bermuda along with international speakers and guests.

March 10, 2020

SHLC BOD Cancels Events

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Board of Directors of the Sag Harbor Lions Club has canceled the St. Patrick’s Dinner scheduled for March 17th and the annual Easter Egg hunt scheduled for Easter Sunday, April 12th.
The canceling of these two traditional Lions Club events was done with deep sadness, however, it was felt that the health and safety of the residents of Sag Harbor must take precedence.
Any member who has sold tickets should give a refund to the purchaser. If you have submitted payments to the Club, they will be refunded to you.

March 7, 2020

Lions Day with the UN

#LDUN was held this year at the Westin Grand Central Hotel since the UN has been closed on the weekends due to budget cuts.

In the morning session, reports were presented by Lions who are representatives to several special areas of the UN.

Lions Clubs International was instrumental in writing the charter of the United Nations back in 1945, when it was still centered in San Francisco, CA

Pictured [right] are District Governor Marianne Tremaroli and First Vice District Governor Steve Espach after lunch was served.

Following lunch, there were several presentations regarding 9/11 led by our past International President Al Brandel. One of the presentations was made by Lion Janlyn Scousa, a widow of a fireman who perished in the collapse of the World Trade Center.

A presentation was made to the Grand Prize-winners of both the Peace Essay and Peace Poster [left].


February 14, 2020

SHLC's FVDG Attends DG Seminar

FVDG and SHLC's immediate past president Steve Espach attended the District Governor-Elect's Seminar at the Q Center in St. Charles, Il, February 10th-15th.

There he was involved with many classes on topics concerning his leadership as District Governor.

Lion Steve had the opportunity to have a picture taken with First Vice President Douglas X. Alexander [right], who will be running for International President at the International Convention in Singapore in June.


December 7, 2019

Lion Santa in December Favors Chamber 

SHLC's IPP & FVDG Steve Espach was Santa Clause from 3:00 to 5:00 pm at the Sag Harbor Chamber of Commerce Holiday Village. There was no "Light-Up" time this year because of the stones and debris left due to the construction work on the wharf and the fact that the company hired to decorate the village with Christmas lights turned them on while the sun was still shining.  Hopefully the Mayor's office will correct this problem for next year.

December 5, 2019

SHLC Embraces Scholarship Races

The SHLC  kicked-off its 2020 scholarship fundraising campaign with a reception held at Lion Ted Conklin's American Hotel

For Dr. Patricia Turner, [pictured left] the Senior Dean and Vice Provost of Under-graduate Education at UCLA, Sag Harbor native and Pierson High School Graduate, Coach Wooden’s wise words [found in the article in the Sag Harbor Express] sum up what makes the Sag Harbor Lion’s Club commitment to supporting the collegiate dreams of Pierson High School graduates so important.

Also pictured next to Dr. Turner are SHLC members [L to R] Lions Paul Zaykowski, Jim Poitras and Mark Poitras

The ad [left] was placed in the Sag Harbor Express. You can click on the image and read the ad full sized.


Read more in the Sag Harbor Express.


November 29, 2019

SHLC Tree Sale Opens 

The club opened its annual Christrmas Tree Sale on Black Friday 2019.  The sale of trees and wreaths will run from November 29th through December 22nd – depending on whether or not the trees are sold out before the 22nd. 

The hours are Monday - Friday 2 - 5 pm, Saturday & Sunday 10 am - 5 pm

Lion Tom Cartino heads the committee this year and may be there later in the evening till 6 pm depending on the weather.

September 25, 2019

SHLC Donates to East End Hospice 

The Club presented a check for $1,000.00 to Ms. Mary Crosby, the President, and CEO of East End Hospice, at the Club's monthly meeting at the American Hotel on Wednesday night October 25.

East End Hospice Emblem

The presentation of the check was made by Lion Colin Mather to Ms. Crosby. Afterward, Ms. Crosby presented her remarks to the membership and their guests assembled. East End Hospice provides its end of life services from central Brookhaven Township to the lighthouses on the North and South Forks.  

In Ms. Crosby's remarks, she let the members know about one of East End Hospice's program called Camp Good Grief. this is a bereavement camp for grieving children and teenagers. She made a specific point that the club's $1,000.00 donation will provide the funding for one child to attend this camp and begin to heal.

Ms. Crosby began her nursing career at a large cancer hospital in New York City. She shared a heartbreaking story about a terminally ill woman in that hospital that was unable to attend her son's wedding due to her illness.  Ms. Crosby found that the care that terminally ill patients were not receiving proper human care, aside from medicinal, leading up to the end of their lives.  Ms. Crosby left her position and worked towards building East East End Hospice where that terminally ill woman would have had several volunteers to help her to apply makeup, be dressed, and immediately be provided a wheelchair so that she could have been able to attend the wedding.

Several club members have family members that have availed themselves of the life-affirming services and appreciates the caring, charitable work of East End Hospice.

September 20, 2019

Sag Harbor Lion Receives Lions Degree 

Immediate Past President and 1VDG Steve Espach earned his Bachelors Degree from Lions University through the USA/Canada Lions Leadership Forum. 

The Bachelor’s program allows Lions to develop the skills necessary to lead a vital Lions Club. Courses are directed to the skills needed to be a club leader. Ten required courses include Lions History, Club Structure, Club Success, Governance, Effective Meetings, Dynamic Service Projects, Building Membership, Motivation, and two more. Candidates need to complete five elective classes. Lion Steve completed the six available courses such as Club President, Club Secretary, Club Finances, Your Board-Your Team, Motivation through Recognition, and LCIF.

He has already completed all of the required and elective courses for the Master’s program. The Masters focuses on giving support to clubs through leadership ready to foster quality clubs in their District.

Courses in the Doctoral program focus on skills needed to be a training facilitator for adult volunteers. Lions who have completed the Doctorate Program are prepared to be trainers of other Lions.

All doctorate level courses have been completed, except for the dissertation project that requires the submission of a superior quality video training sample that passes peer review. 

Lions University is not an accredited institution.  Lions University is offered by the USA/Canada Lions Leadership Forum.  Questions about Lions University should be directed to the Lions Univerity Support page.


September 9, 2019

The Club IPP Attends Compliance Training

The Immediate Past President, Lion Steve Espach attended a sexual harassment compliance training at the John Jermain Public Library, sponsored by the Sag Harbor Chamber of Commerce.

The training answers the following questions:

  • What is sexual harassment?
  • What are your rights?
  • What must an employer do?
  • What do I do if I'm harassed?
  • How do I file a complaint?

No matter how large or small an organization, harassment is important to recognize and to handle properly.

September 7 & 8, 2019

SHLC at HarborFest

The Sag Harbor Lions were out at the Sag Harbor Chamber of Commerce's HarborFest on Long Wharf in Sag Harbor.  The two-day event started with some rain and wind from the after-effects from Hurricane Dorian Saturday morning.

By 10:00 am the skies cleared and the weather was a picture-perfect 72˚ for the two-day event, known as "the worlds largest "Block Party held over water!"

Sag Harbor Lions Bob Falborn, Robert Loesch, Glenn Paul, Sec/Treas. Jim Poitras, 1VP John Touhy, and 1VDG Steve Espach were on-site to hand out free reading glasses, talk about eyeglass recycling, membership.

The readers were donated by Lion Howard Berman (who visits the SHLC every August membership meeting) courtesy of the Yonkers LC who got them from a business closing in Manhattan.  

The club also received a membership application from one of the festival-goers!

The club received several donations from those at the festival for the readers.

These unofficial eye charts were reduced in size and hung in the back of the booth to help festival-goers to have a good chuckle and to see if they could read Line 8 without the readers!

Most found that they could complete the chart on the right better than the one on the left!

It was a great event and a beautiful weekend!  

September 4, 2019

SHCL Donates to SH Community Food Pantry

Past President Ernest Schade dropped by the Sag Harbor Community Food Pantry to present a $1,000.00 donation from the club to the Director Emeritus Evie Ramunno and other pantry workers preparing to dole out groceries for the week. 




July 24, 2019

Congratulations to the winners of our 2019 Scholarships!

2019 Scholarship winners

Nancy Hallock (left on behalf of her daughter Emily), Paige Schaefer and Ella Knibb with Sag Harbor Lions Club members (from left) Paul Zaykowski, Tony Lawless and Mark Poitras at the Lions Club Scholarship Dinner at the American Hotel on July 24.    Mike Heller photo.

Read more of the story at

May 5, 2019

Immediate Past President Steve Espach Elected 1VDG

The Sag Harbor Lions Imm. Past President Steven was elected as the 1st Vice District Governor by the members of Suffolk County Lions District 20-s at the New York State & Bermuda Lions Convention held in Binghamton, NY on May 3-5.

Lion Marianne Tremaroli was elected as the District Governor-Elect and Donald Strinweis was elected as the 2nd Vice District Governor-Elect. DGE Marianne will be sworn in as DG at the International Convention in Milan.  Both Lions Steve and Don will take their offices on July 1, 2019. 

There are several Lions training opportunities that Steve will be sent to this year in Spokane, WA, St. Charles, IL. and in Singapore.

Steve will become our District Governor-Elect next year at the NYS&BL Con-vention, May 1-3 in Buffalo, NY.  He will then be flown to Singapore in late June to be sworn in as the District Governor on June 28, 2020.

His plans for the district are being developed and will be released after he becomes the DG-Elect next May.

April 24, 2019

Congratulations to the Newly Elected SHLC Officers and Will Take Office July 1, 2019. 

Tony Lawless, President
John Touhy, 1st Vice President 
Sean Kiely, 2nd Vice President
Jim Poitras, Secretary/Treasurer
Paul Zaykowski, Membership Chairperson 
Ernest Schade, Service Chairperson 
Bob Falborn, Director (2 yr.)  
Robert Loesch, Director (1 Yr)

April 21, 2019

Easter Egg Hunt Goes on Despite Threat of Rain 

Hunt pitch
Bunny and Minerva Perez

Once again 3,000 multicolored eco-friendly Easter eggs were strewn across the multi-acre picnic area at Mashashimuet Park [above]. We were anxious for the hunters to arrive because we Lions didn't want to have to pick up the 3,000 eggs we just laid (out).

The Easter Bunny arrived at 12:45 and the first hunt for the 2-4-year-olds started at 1:00 pm sharp, followed by the 5-7-year-olds and then the 8-10-year-old group. [Left] The Easter Bunny and 
Minerva Perez, our Spanish translator, huddle for a pic.

Many tickets were sold at the pony rides [below].

February 2, 2019

Lion Steve Espach Performs as Punxsutawney, PA's Mayor

Lion Steve Espach as Mayor Green at LILF 2019

2nd VDG and Immediate Past Club President Steve Espach participated in the Long Island Lions Forum, LILF, at the Hauppauge Radisson on February 2, 2019.  

The theme of the Forum was “Ground Hog Day” using the film of the same name (1993) to show the progression of Phil Conner’s (Bill Murray)  opportunity to change by reliving his life over-and-over again to go from schmo to hero. This demonstrates to Lions members how to become better Lions one day at a time!  

Lion Steve assumed the role of Mayor Buster Green (Brian Doyle Murray's character) who is the EmCee for Punxsutawney Phil's (in Steve's left arm) day on the national stage. Lion Steve introduced and commented on the film clips regarding Phil’s transformation and posed for pictures with many Lions members.

December 8, 2018

Scholarship Cocktail Reception

Cocktail Reception

The club held a cocktail reception for the $40K Scholarship Committee, hosted by Lion Ted Conklin at his establishment the American Hotel 

Lions Scarlett Magda and Lion Paul Zaykowski, members of the committee, made presentations along with Ms. Patrica Turner, Senior Dean of UCLA College, and a classmate of Lion Paul from the Class of '73 from Pierson High School.  Lion Paul was a recipient of an SHLC Scholarship that year.  He later repaid the club.


November 17, 2018

At the District 20-S Convention

Lions Holly Worwetz and Steve Espach attended the District 20-S Convention at the Bellport Country Club in Bellport, NY on Saturday, November 17th..

Immediate. Past Pres. and 2ndVDG Steve Espach was awarded the 4th highest award presented to Lions members, the International President's Certificate of Appreciation by IP Guðrún Yngvadóttir.  

Lion Steve served on the Convention Program Committee, the Credentials Committee Co-Chair and the Elections Committee Chair. 

Lion Steve presented the Lions Toast at the dinner to the delegates and guests.

"Not Above you, not beneath you, but with you"

The Lions Toast


October 31, 2018


At noon on October 31, Lion Steve Espach resigned as the Club's President and Secretary, and most Club committees so that he may focus on his elected position as Second Vice District Governor.

Lion Tony Lawless, the club's 1st Vice President rises to become Club President and Lion John Tuohy rises to become the 1st Vice President. Lion James Poitras resigned as the Service Chair to be appointed by the Board of Directors as the next Club Secretary.  Lion Steve becomes, by virtue of his previous office as the Immediate Past President. Lion Ernie Schade was appointed Service Chair.

In May of 2018 Lion Steve was elected by Suffolk County Lions in District 20-S to serve as the Second Vice District Governor at the New York State and Bermuda Lions convention in Rochester, NY. The club directors endorsed his nomination to his new position.

Next year, Lion Steve will rise to become the First Vice District Governor in 2019-20, and finally rise to become the District Governor of Lions in Suffolk County.  He will be sworn in at the international Convention in Singapore, July 2020.


October 24th - 27th, 2018

MD-20 Lions Leadership

As a part of his training to become the District Governor Lion, 2nd Vice District Governor, and Immediate Past President of the Sag Harbor Lions, Steve Espach, graduated from the MD-20 Lions Leadership Institute, a three-and-one-half day intensive course in Lions Leadership.  

He was awarded this certificate by the Leadership faculty and DG James B. Conklin, Jr. at the concluding banquet with all of the Council of Governors and many International officers in attendance.


October 6, 2018

Certified Guiding Lion

Lion Steve Espach participated in the Certified Guiding Lions training held at Canine Companions, in Medford, NY 
The course was taught by PDG Joyce Cochran, (20-K1).
As a Guiding Lion, Steve may be assigned to guide either a new club or one that is a rebuilding club, making them a stronger club.


September 19th - 22nd 2018

USA Canada Forum

In his quest to become the District Governor in 2020, Lion Steve Espach attended the USA/Canada Leadership Forum in Columbus Ohio.  This was is a four-day forum conducted by Constitutional Area 1 (USA & Affiliates) and 2 (Canada), with 4 seminars a day and three nationally known keynote speakers during banquet meals.  

There was socializing between Lions at all levels from all over North America.

August 2018

Club Excellence Award 2017-2018

Club Excellence Award 2017-2018

The Sag Harbor Lions under the leadership of Club President Steve Espach was awarded the Club Excellence Award for  2017-2018.  

Clubs that excel in community service, membership growth, communications and organizational operations may qualify for the prestigious Excellence Awards.  The Club Excellence Award is more than an award... it is proof that your club is STRONG!




July 25, 2018

Our Scholarship Awards Meeting.

s were presented by Lion Mark Pitras, (left) Chair of the Scholarship Committee to Mr. Thomas Brooks (left center) the top award-winner of $2,500.00 and Ms. Eva Kiss (right center) of the second award-winner of $1,500.00.  The other winner of the second award is Ms. Isabella DiRussa, (not pictured) who was in Italy.

Lion Frank D'Angelo (right), a member of the Scholarship Committee was also awarded the "Knights of the Blind" award for his years of dedicated service to the club by the Club President Steve Espach.

2018 Annual Report

June 27, 2018

SHLC's Annual Report 2018. 

View the Annual Report by clicking on the image right ▶︎








June 27, 2018

Lions Receive Awards for Service in 2017-2018 at the Annual Meeting

At the Annual Meeting, Lion President Steve presented the following awards for 2017-2018

President’s Certificates of Thanks:

  • Lion Jim Poitras for his service as Chair of Andy's Run Sep. 2017.
  • Lion Bob Falborn for raising more money in sponsorships in 2017 than for Andy's Run 2016
  • Lion Scarlet Magda for her service as the Chair of the Guide Dog Foundation Reception in Dec 2018.
  • Lion Tony Lawless for his service as a co-Chair for the Christmas Tree Sale in Dec 2017 and the Chair of the St Patrick's Dinner March 2018.
  • Lion Sean Kiely for his service as a co-Chair for the Christmas Tree Sale in Dec. 2018 and the Vice Chair of the St Patrick's Dinner in March 2018.
  • Lion Tom Cartino for his service as a co-Chair for the Christmas Tree Sale in Dec. 2017.
  • Lion Sarah Boyce for her service as a co-Chair of the Easter Egg Hunt in April 2018.
  • Lion Holly Worwetz for her service as a co-Chair of the Easter Egg Hunt in April 2018.
  • Lion Mark Poitras for his service as the Chair of the Scholarship Program in May 2018.

Certificates of Grateful Service

  • Lion  Frank D'Angelo for his years of service as a Director and Director-at-Large.
  • Lion  Jim Poitras for his years of service as the Club Treasurer.

Knights of the Blind Award

  • Is Awarded to Lion Frank D'Angelo for his years of distinguished service to the club.  (see picture)

Melvin Jones Fellowships

Melvin Jones

Two Melvin Jones Fellowships were presented this year to:

  • Lion Dennis Downes for his years of membership and service to the club events and as counsel to the club.
  • Lion W. Deering Yardley for his years of membership and service to the club in maintaining the Healthcare Equipment Program.

The President’s Medal of AppreciationPresident’s Appreciation Medal

  • Is awarded to Lion Jim Poitras. 

Lion of the Year is presented to

  • Lion Paul Zaykowski for his resolute passion and tenacious enthusiasm for the Hurricane Relief program through Andy's Run matching program, HarborFest, and other private donations.

Lion of the year Award

June, 2018

New Members – 37

We added four more members to our roster making 38 total members.

In April Lion John Diat joined as an active member.

In May we added Honorary Member Lion Bob Faraguna and Lion Arnold Linden as an active member.

In June we added an Affiliate member Lion Nathiel Egosi, owner of the Sag Harbor Inn.

April 28, 2018

New Officers/Directors

Congratulations to our new officers and directors for 2018-19

  • Robert Loesch, Director, Lion Tamer (Two years)
  • Bob Falborn, Director (One Year)
  • Jim Poitras, Service Chair
  • Paul Zaykowski, Membership Chair
  • Elizabeth Lesar, Treasurer
  • John Tuohy, 2nd Vice President, Tail Twister
  • Tony Lawless, 1st Vice President
  • Steven Espach, President & Secretary

May 31, 2018

Winners of our 2018 Scholarships

The Sag Harbor Lions are proud to announce that three Pierson High School graduating seniors were selected to receive the Sag Harbor Lions Club Scholarship for 2017. [See photos added 8/18/17]

  • Mr. Thomas Brooks was chosen to receive the top scholarship award of $2,500.00. 
  • Ms. Isabella DiRussa and Ms. Eva Kiss were chosen to each receive a $1,500.00 award. 

The winners will receive their award checks and certificates at the Lions Club’s Scholarship Awards Dinner Meeting at the American Hotel on July 25, 2017.

Look here for pictures. after July 25.

January 24, 2018

We've added 6 Members since October 2017!

We are now 34 members strong! 

Welcome, New Centennial member to the SHLC, Lion Glenn Paul

He will be sworn in during our club's version of the Lions World Wide Day of Induction on April 25, 2018.  

January 11, 2018

We are now at 33 members strong!

Welcome, Two New Centennial members to the SHLC,

Lion Angelique Monét and Lion Thuyen Nguyen

They will be sworn in our club's version of the Lions World Wide Day of Induction on April 25, 2018. 

December 9, 2017

Guide Dog Cocktail Reception 

The Sag Harbor Lions held a cocktail reception for the Guide Dog Foundation at Almond Restaurant in Bridgehampton, NY to help fulfill the goal of raising money to sponsor a guide dog.  Catlin (see June 2017) gave us her story with her guide dog Charlie.  Our host Nick, at Almond Restaurant, provided tasty hors d'oeuvre.  Almond also offered a three-course prix fixe dinner to those attending



November 17, 2017

Second Vice District Governor EndorsementBoard Endorsement 

The club directors endorsed Club President Lion Steve Espach, as a nominee for Second Vice District Governor of Suffolk County's Lions District 20-S.






November 17, 2017

Not Your Father’s Lions Club, But They Still Sell Christmas Trees

in the Sag Harbor Express,  by Stephen Kotz

It’s a Sag Harbor tradition. Every year, right around Thanksgiving, members of the Sag Harbor Lions Club set up at the Long Wharf windmill, where they sell Christmas trees as one of their major fundraisers.

October 25, 2017

We are now at 31 members strong!

Welcome, Two New Centennial members to the SHLC – 

Lion Elizabeth "Liz" Lesar (ctr. right) with her sponsor Lion Steve Espach (right) and
Lion Colin Mather (ctr. left) with his sponsor Lion John Tuohy (left).

These two new members were sworn in at the December 28, 2017, Holiday Membership meeting by District Governor Rich Irizarry.


October 11, 2017

Lion Tom CartinoWe are now at 30 members strong!

Welcome, a returning Centennial members to the SHLC – 

Lion Thomas "Tom" Cartino has returned to the club after several years absence.  Lion Tom's favorite event is the Christmas Tree Sale and he is glad to be back on the committee 




August 2017

Club Excellence Award 2016-2017

Club Excellence Award 2017-2018

For the first time in the club's history, the Sag Harbor Lions under the leadership of Club President Steve Espach is awarded the Club Excellence Award for  2016-2017.  

Clubs that excel in community service, mem-bership growth, communications, and organiza-tional operations qualify for the prestigious Excellence Awards.  



 July 26, 2017

Photos from the Scholarship Awards Dinner

Lion Mark Poitras, Chair of the Scholarship Committee is also pictured on the right.

June 28, 2017

The Sag Harbor Lions are proud to announce that 

  • Lion Jim Poitras was presented with the "Lion of the Year" Award
  • Lion Ernest Schade was presented with the District Governor's Award.
  • Lion Ernest Schade was presented with the Melvin Jones Fellowship.
  • Lion Bob O'Neil (Ret.) was presented the Knights of the Blind Distinguished Service Award for 36 years of service to the club.



June 12, 2017

The Sag Harbor Lions are proud to announce that three Pierson High School graduating seniors were selected to receive the Sag Harbor Lions Club Scholarship for 2017. [See photos added 8/18/17]

  • Ms. Ella Parker was chosen to receive the top scholarship award of $2,500.00.
  • Ms. Maizy Guyer and Ms. Isabel Peters were chosen to each receive a $1,500.00 award.

The winners will receive their award checks and certificates at the Lions Club’s Scholarship Awards Dinner Meeting at the American Hotel on July 26, 2017.

June 9, 2017

Lion President Steve Espach was the recipient of the Robert J. Uplinger Distinguished Service Award presented by GLT Dr. Maureen Murphy and DG Balan Nagraj – New York State and Bermuda Lions Foundation – at DG Balan Nagraj's Testimonial Dinner and Centennial Celebration at Hotel Indigo in Riverhead, NY 

What is the RJU Award?

Lion President Steve Espach was also the Master of Ceremonies for the dinner.



May 10, 2017 

Welcome, New Centennial member to the SHLC, Lion Una Barolo.







April 1, 2017 

Lion President Steve Espach was a presenter of "Social Media" and a member of the Communications Sub Committee this year for the Long Island Lion Forum, a cooperative presentation of Districts 20-K2 and 20-S. A leadership forum at the Radisson Hotel in Hauppauge.



February 25, 2017

Online registration or snail mail registration for the
April 1st, 2017 Long Island Lions Forum



January 2017

Received the Lions Centennial Commemorative Dollar coin from LCI Store





December 14, 2016

Welcome New Centennial member to the SHLC, Lion Mr. John Tuohy


November 28, 2016

We mourn the death of Lion David Lee.  

Our friend, our mench and our tsores! Thank you for 45 years of service to our Club and to our Village.



October 30, 2016

District 20-S Convention will take place at the Stonebridge Golf Links & Country Club 2000, Raynors Way, Smithtown, NY.  


October 28, 2016

Welcome New Centennial member to the SHLC, Lion Ms. Sarah Boyce Borzilleri

October 1, 2016

Andy's Run for a Guide Dog 5K Run/Walk netted $7.700.00. A donation of $6,000.00 will go to The Guide Dog Foundation to sponsor a guide dog.  $500.00 will be donated to the Sag Harbor Community Food Pantry for Holiday groceries and the remainder will go to our scholarships program and to partially cover the costs of the Easter Egg Hunt.


July 27, 2016

July 27, 2016

Welcome New member to the SHLC, Lion Suffolk County Legislator,
Ms. Bridget Fleming

July 19, 2016

The Club sent a letter of support to Mr. Michael Leahy, President of the Friends of the Cedar Island Lighthouse, 1100 Shames Drive, Ste. 205, Westbury, NY. 11590.  Lions Jim Poitras and Robert Falborn have been involved in the restoration of the lighthouse that sits at the entrance to Northwest Harbor and Sag Harbor Bay. 

"The Sag Harbor Lions Club feels that this is an extremely worthwhile project and should be supported by all segments of the community and government."

July 12, 2016

Welcome New member to the SHLC, Lion Ms. Holly Worwetz

The Club Donated $300.00 to Time For Teens, a non-profit in Southampton that helps teens to deal with grief and bereavement.

June 9, 2016


This year's recipients of the Sag Harbor Lions Club Scholarships are: 

  • Mr. Harrington Q. Yardley will receive a $2,500.00 scholarship.
  • Ms. Katie M. Bucking and Ms. Arlena F. Burns will each will receive a $1,500.00 scholarship. 

The award-winners and their parents are invited to be the Club's guests for dinner at The American Hotel in Sag Harbor where they will be presented their scholarship checks.

There are no restrictions by the Lions Club on how the continuing student may use their awards. The club received 15 applicants this year, the most applications the club has received in years. Lion Mark Poitras, Chair of the Scholarship Committee was quoted, 

“Helping young people to continue their education while dealing with the escalating cost of higher education is a challenge our community faces. It’s a need our club continues to address even though the awards we present aren’t extravagant.  This year we had many excellent applicants, which made our committee’s decision difficult.  The winners demonstrated the highest level of combining extraordinary community and school involvement as well as the highest level of academic achievement.”

June 4, 2016

Lion Scarlett Magda, DVM represented the Sag Harbor Lions at the Guide Dog Foundation's Lions Appreciation Day at their headquarters at 371 Jericho Tpke in Smithtown.  Lion Scarlett interviewed one of the recipients, Caitlin to share her story, which will go on her blog on Veterinarians International website demonstrating the human-animal bond and how important animals are to our own health and well-being.

Lions Scarlett with Caitlin, a Guide Dog recipient


May 26, 2016

April 27, 2016

Congratulations to the Officers-elect for 2016!  Go to the About/Contact Us page for the list.  The installation will be officiated by DG Manny Vidal, Jr. at the June 22nd Annual Meeting & Charter Night Dinner at The American Hotel in Sag Harbor.

January 27, 2016

Welcome New member to the SHLC, Lion Dr. Scarlett Magda, DVM.

We donated to the following:

  • Ms. Kathleen Mitchell's dissertation project. See her work on her GoFundMe page.
  • The Piersonian 2016 Yearbook placing a 1/4 page ad.

December 17, 2015

We donated to the following:

November 15, 2015

We donated to the following:

October 28, 2015

Welcome New Member to the SHLC,  Lion Paul Zaykowski.

We donated to:

October 3, 2015

Congratulations to all of the runners who braved the cool winds and drizzle and to the Top Finishers in each category of Andy's Run 2015.

Start of the Race

See the list of finishers

Thanks to Boy Scout Troop 455 for their help on the course.

August. 2015

We received a letter of resignation from Lion Barry Vaughn.  Lion Barry was a 40 plus year member of the club and was an attorney on Main Street in Sag Harbor next to the Apple Bank with Anderson, Magipinto, and Vaughn.

June 2015

Thanks to Andrea and Neal Fagin of Sag Harbor and Rochelle Newmark of Dix Hills for their contributions to the use of a wheelchair.

February. 2015

We received a letter of resignation from Lion Frank Leonardo.  Lion Frank and his wife have moved to Florida and will now summer in West Hampton. Lion Frank was the owner of the Sag Harbor Pharmacy. He served as President and as Chairman of the Scholarship Committee.

June 19, 2015

Congratulations to:

The recipients of this year's Sag Harbor Lions Club Scholarships are:

  • Ms. Meagan McMahon received the $2,500.00 award.
  • Ms. Colleen Samot and Mr. Duncan Bennett who each received a $1,500.00 scholarship. 


December 17, 2014

Welcome New Member to the SHLC, Lion Julian Ramirez.

October 4, 2014

Congratulations to:

Angelo Toscano the men's winner of Andy’s Run 5K and Patricia Fall Salamy the women’s overall winner for 2014!

Go to Andy's Run section of our Club Projects page to find the link to all of the results


October 2, 2014

We are saddened by the death of a member, Lion George Proferes, 75

George Thomas Proferes, a longtime owner of the Paradise restaurant in Sag Harbor Village, which was in his family for close to 80 years, died at Huntington Hospital on Friday. He was 75 and had pneumonia, after having had lung problems for 30 years, his wife, Carroll Proferes, said. 

Lion George's father Theodore "Teddy" Proferes was a charter member of the Sag Harbor Lion Club.

See the full obituary

September 24, 2014

Welcome New Member to the SHLC,  Lion Ted Conklin.

August 2014

SHLC Donates Bench and Plaque in Memory of Robert W. Espach

June 12, 2014


to this Year's Recipients of 2014 Lions Club Scholarships 

  • Ms. Catherine Corinado received the $2,500.00 award
  • Mr. Forrest Loesch and Ms. Marley Holder each received a $1,500.00 scholarship.


Letter of thanks from Forrest Loesch

Note of thanks from Marley Holden



May 28, 2014

Welcome New Members to the SHLC, Lions Christina and Tom Little

May 3, 2014

We are saddened by the death of a 50+ year member, one of our Past Presidents, and longtime Treasurer/Secretary, Melvin Jones Fellowship recipient, Lion Robert W Espach.

Robert Willis Espach a lawyer who practiced his profession for over 50 years died at Stony Brook University Hospital on May 3, 2014.  He was 84 years of age, having died due to complications from cancer.

Robert W. EspachBob of Sag Harbor was a lifetime Long Islander born in Floral Park on April 1, 1930.  He was the first child of Edgar W. Espach and Helen Petrat Espach.  His brother, Russell predeceased him.

He graduated from Sewanhaka High School in Floral Park and got his Bachelor of Arts degree at Hofstra University in 1952, and a Juris Doctor degree from Brooklyn Law School in 1955.

He served in the US Army as an enlisted man for two years including service at the headquarters of the US Army in Europe, Heidelberg Germany.

Bob married Dorothy M. Collins in 1954 and they were married for 54 years until her death in 2008.  They had one son, Steven R. Espach who survives.

After his active service in the military, he moved to Sag Harbor in 1957 where he started his practice of law in Southampton, thereafter opening his own law office as a single practitioner in Sag Harbor where among other clients he represented the Sag Harbor Union Free School District in connection with the first school bond issue ever.  After several years as a sole practitioner in Sag Harbor, he was invited to be a partner with Bryan Hamlin and Ben Michne in Bridgehampton where he continued to practice until 1977.  In that year he returned as a sole practitioner to Sag Harbor finally closing his office on 25 Washington Street in 1999 and joining with Stephen A. Grossman and Associates in an of counsel position.

Bob was a lifelong Presbyterian having been christened by his grandfather Rev. Augustus C. Espach at St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church in Elmont where he was thereafter married to Dorothy M. Collins.  He served as a deacon, trustee, and elder at First Presbyterian Church of Sag Harbor (Old Whalers) and was Church School Superintendent and Clerk of Session for many years.  He also served as a Trustee of the Presbytery of Long Island and President of Trustees for over a year, and also served as recording Clerk of the Presbytery Trustees for over thirty years.

He was a member of the Sag Harbor Lions Club for over fifty years serving as Secretary and Treasurer for many of those years and also as President of the Lions Club for a year, chairing many committees, including one to organize and secure official tax exemption for the Sag Harbor Lions Club Charitable Trust.  After his service as President, he continued to serve as Secretary or Treasurer of the Club and finally as Secretary-Treasurer.

Bob also served as a Director and as Trustee of Sag Harbor Historical Society, as well as Trustee and Secretary of Sag Harbor Whaling & Historical Museum and served for several years as Secretary of Wamponamon Lodge No. 437 F&M of Sag Harbor.

He was also a longtime member of the Bridgehampton Club, New York State and Suffolk County Bar Association.

In lieu of flowers, contributions may be made to First Presbyterian Church of Sag Harbor, Sag Harbor Lions Charitable Trust (PO Box 158, Sag Harbor, NY 11063) or to the Alzheimer’s Foundation.


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