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The SHLC/Pierson Scholarship Fund

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Sag Harbor Lions Club, PO Box 158, Sag Harbor, NY 11963

Here are many of the donations that our club has made, many with the funds we raise from the public.

In 2019, the club awarded $40.000.00 to three high school graduating seniors. Years before that we awarded $5,000.00 to three graduating seniors.  Sadly, we had to reduce that amount in 2020 due to the pandemic.

In 2018 we donated to several hurricane relief funds

$2,800.00 went directly to Texas Lions Multiple District-2 for Hurricane Harvey.

$1,000.00 went to LCIF for hurricane Irma, Florida relief;
$1,000.00 went to LCIF for hurrican Maria, Puerto Rico relief;
$787.00 went to New York State & Bermuda Lions ALERT Disaster Preparedness facility in Spenser, NY.
$100.00 went to New York State & Bermuda Lions Foundation


Before 2018, the club donated $6,000.00 four years in a row to the Guide Dog Foundation, Smithtown, NY, to sponsor the training and support of four guide dogs.

The club has paid for fuel oil for those in our community who could not afford to pay for fuel oil.

Our club continues to provides home health care equipment for as long as it's needed to help those infirmed for many decades.

For 60 years, the club sponsored the Easter Egg Hunt as a gift to the village's youth, until the pandemic halted the activity.  The club held the hunt the same Sunday as the "Emporium Hardware Fire" on Main St. so the youngsters had something to do while the parents were fighting the fire.

For 60 years, the club held the Christmas Tree fundraiser to raise money for local youth activities. The Christmas Tree sale began at the old train station (now the drive-in bank and post office) until the windmill was completed on the wharf in 1966.

For 12 years, the club held the St. Patrick's Dinner fundraiser to raise money for the Sag Harbor Community Food Pantry and other local charities until the pandemic put a hold on the activity.


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