September 30, 2012

SD Clasic Lions Club sent a representative to join the Fundraising of their twin club, "Club de Leones Tijuana Campestre"... It was a Winery Tour in Gualdalupe.

August 2012

The SD Classic Lions Club held their first Fundraiser of the year ... Jam Session 2012. it was held at the Knights of Phythias Hall



June 2012

The San Diego Classic Lions Club held the Installation of the 2012-13 Officers at the MCRD Recreation Center. The installing officer was PDG Art Arboleda. Charter President Manny DeRamos was again the elected president.


April 22, 2012

On Earth Day (April 22, 2012) the San Diego Classic Lions conducted their Tree Planting Project. The goal was to plant 1 tree per member. There were 27 members...Home Depot donated 5 plants (lemons, limes and oranges) Lion Harvey Souza, a member, donated 5 plants (mangoes, lemons) and Lion Leo Sicat, a member of the SD County Metropolitan Lions Club donated 18 plants. Lion Manny DeRamos (charter president and the incoming 2012-13 president) grew some vegetable seedilings (tomatoes, watermelons, eggplants and ornamental sunflowers). The trees were planted in members yards and accommodated those plants designated for members that live in apartments or condo units. Some members chose to plant their trees in their yards by themselves. At the end of the day more than 27 trees were planted. Just like LCI that set a goal of a million trees to be planted this year and went over and beyond by planting almost 8 million trees to date.

December 28, 2011

Lion Remy with some members of her family went home to the Philippines to bury her brother's remains who passed away here in San Diego. She turned her trip into a humanitarian service as well by conducting a mini-medical mission with the collaboration of the Kalayaan Lions Club which she herself organized. Medical and dental services were provided as well as a feeding program.


October 15, 2011 National City, CA

The 3rd Annual National City Health and Wellness Fair, scheduled every 3rd Saturday of October, was held on October 15, 2011 at the Employees Parking Lot of the Paradise Valley Hospital. This event was called Paradise Valley Health and Wellness Fair in its first two years but this year, it was re-named National City Health & Wellness Fair. The prime organizers of this event are the National City times and Konica Minolta, and of course, Paradise Valley Hospital. Lions Clubs and Rotary Clubs were among the partner organizations providing free Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar screenings to the public. Free Flu shots and TDaP vaccinations were also provided. Every year, an opportunity drawing is also conducted. In the first two years San Diego Delta Lions Club members won the major prize. Since the SD Delta were not able to participate this year, (they volunteered at the Food Bank boxing 600 Food packs for distribution)it became three years in a row when the Lions again won the major raffle prize, a 32 in. flat Screen TV... and the winner is........San Diego Classic Lions Club!!!

Lions with National City Mayor, Ron Morrison during the National City Health and Wellness Fair

August 20, 2011 National City, CA

SD Classic Lions Club had the 2011-12 Installation of Officers at the Sizzler Restaurant in Plaza Blvd. The installing officer was ZC Josie Rabelas. It was a Hawaiian themed event with the more than 90 attendees looking tropical and cool in their attires. Everyone had their fill of the eat-all-you-can salad and dessert bar and drink-all-you-can lemonade, iced tea, soda, coffee and tea aside from a choice of beef, chicken or shrimp dinner.. Four new members were inducted by PDG Art Arboleda. A Proclamation of Twinning Alliance between SD Classic and "Club de Leones Tijuana Campestre" was also conducted to seal their partnership in a joint project of Feeding the Homeless in Tijuana, Mexico every 2nd Saturday of the month. The attendees had a good time with the Hula Dancers that entertained especially the part of the audience participation with the "Hit the coconut, hit the pineapple, hit the papaya, hit the banana, banana, banana...


July 4-8, 2011 Seattle, WA

Lion Remy DeRamos and Lion Luz Galindez represented the SD Classic Lions Club at the Lions International Convention in Seattle, WA. It was attended by over 15,000 Lions from all over the world. President Sid Scruggs III raised the Lions flag on top of the Space Needle and it was flown there for the duration of the convention. On the second day, a parade of nation was held. It was the biggest parade Seattle ever had. 10,000 Lions from 100 countries participated; most were wearing their native costumes or Lions uniform. The plenary sessions were well attended and were opened by great entertainments; the speakers were fabulous...the keynote speaker was none other than Candoleeza Rice. It was my first convention and I am looking forward to the next one. On to Busan, Korea next year!!!



March 20, 2011 - The Annual Melvin Jones Fellowship (MJF) Recognition was held last Sunday, March 20, 2011 at the Encinitas Communty and Senior Center at 1:00 pm. Among those recognized from San Diego Classic Lions Club were Lion Remy DeRamos for becoming a MJF and Lion Luz Galindez for becoming a Progressive Melvin Jones Fellow (PMJF). Due to the recent Japan earthquake and Tsunami disaster, a fundraising event was incorporated. Purchase of LCIF Contributing Members pins raised over $1000.00. Those who bought the pins were also entitled to an opportunity drawing for a one week stay at a time share resort in Cabo San Lucas (donated by PID Bill and IPDG Julie Crawford). The winner was PDG Dick Walworth. Opportunity drawing tickets for $20,00 each were sold and once 50 tickets or $1000.00 worth were sold, one ticket was drawn to be a MJF or PMJF. Two (2) series were sold or $2,000.00. The tickets drawn were those of Lion Jay Ruiz (San Diego T.F.C. Lions Club) and Lion Dave Roberts (Del Mar/Solana Beach Del Sol Lions Club). It is important to note that Lion Dave Roberts was presented a MJF by his club for accepting the leadership of the one year old Del Sol Lions Club which to date has 71 members; he then instantly became a PMJF when his ticket was drawn. The recipient of an undesignated fund of $1000.00 from San Diego T.F.C. Lions Club is yet to be named. All together, the 2 1/2 hour event raised $7000.00+. The visiting guests from Arizona were PID John Walker and his wife, Lion Karen. It was attended by 87 Lions that shared a sumptuous Hawaiian Chicken dish and everyone went home with full stomachs and with high spirits having contributed to a good cause.

February 4-6, 2011 - The 92nd Annual MD-4 State Convention was held in Primm, Nevada. San Diego Classic Lions Club sent ten (10) delegates to attend to support their members who were nominated for the Academy Awards for Lionism. This is the MD-4 7th Annual Academy Awards for Lionism, having been started in 2005. Lion Remy DeRamos was nominated for the "Most New Clubs Formed by a Member" and "Most New Members Recruited by a Member" while Lion Luz Galindez was an automatic nominee for the MD-4 Lion of the Year (having been the District 4-L6 Lion of the Year, 2009-2010).

Lion Remy bagged the two categories by organizing four (4) clubs during the LY 2009-10 and recruiting thirty-three (33) new members. It is important to know that two of the clubs she organized were from District 301-A2 Philippines and two (2) were from District 4-L6 (California). Unfortunately, Lion Luz did not get the Lion of the Year title; the MD-4 Lion of the Year is Lion James "Andy" Anderson of the Elk Grove Lions Club from District 4-C5.


Lions from District 4-L6 celebrate the MD-4 Academy Award for Lionisim winner,
Lion Remy DeRamos (SD Classic)

Jan-Feb, 2010 - The San Diego Classic Lions Club went on their very first medical mission to the Philippines. They served eleven campsites and over 20,000 indigent beneficiaries within two weeks. They delivered Medical, Optical, Dental, Educational, Relief, Nutritional and Other services; hence the project was duly named Mission M.O.D.E.R.N.O. They obtained a $10,000.00 International Assistance Grant (IAG) from LCIF to subsidize the funds they raised from volunteering at the Qualcomm Concession Stands during the football season selling beers and hotdogs. A film crew from LCI went to San Diego in December to film the packaging of books, relief goods and medicines for shipment to the Philippines. They followed them all the way to the Philippines to shoot the first three campsites. Footages of the film was featured in the Lions Quarterly Video Magazine (July and Ocober, 2010 issues); click the links below to view videos

LQ – July 2010
15:00 minutes

LQ – October 2010
14:00 minutes





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