Service Projects

  • St. Vincent de Paul Feeding: (Ongoing). A monthly project; every 3rd Saturday of the month. Serve meals to 250 - 350 homeless and transients of San Diego.
  • Tijuana, Mexico Feeding: (Ongoing) A monthly project; every 2nd Saturday of the month. Serve meals to 800 to 1,000+ homeless in Tijuana, at the "Desayunador Salesianos Padre Chava"; club contributes a pasta dish to serve and members work alongside their twin club "Club de Leones Tijuana Campestre" , church volunteers and staff of the organization.
  • Health and Wellness Drive: (Ongoing). Headed by members who are in the healthcare profession, club participates in district wide health and wellness faires or conduct their own by providing free blood pressure and blood sugar screenings. Also assists schools and other organizations for requests to conduct screenings. As budget will allow and/or upon requests, hemoglobin and cholesterol screenings can also be performed. Public education is incorporated during the delivery of services.
  • Used Eyeglasses Collection: (Ongoing/periodic) Used eyelglasses collected are sent to Donovan Prison for cleaning, sanitizing, calibrating and packaging
  • Carpool Driver for Elementary Schoolchildren: (Ongoing) Lion Remy volunteers to drive school children going to Nye Elementary School in Valencia Street, San Diego, CA. to and from school. Children stay in her house doing their homeworkhaving light snacks until parents can pick them up.
  • Visitation of the Sick:
  • 1. (Ongoing) - Monthly visits to the confined patients in El Dorado Nursing Facility and Windsor Garden of Golden Hills. Interact with the patients during social hours; feed them their meals; talk and listen to them.
  • 2. (Intermittent) - Lion Luz Galindez visits a patient (who had been bedbound for 30 years) whenever the husband calls her for blood drawing (usually 4-6 times a year)
  • Blankets, Coats, Socks and Gloves Drive: (Ongoing/Seasonal). Collection of new and used items for distribution during winter season to the homeless and transients living in the streets of San Diego and also for the homeless beneficiaries of the "Desayunador Salesianos Padre Chava" in Tijuana, Mexico
  • Humanitarian Mission: club conducts periodic humnitarian missions to the Philippines or Mexico from a small scale (funded by club fundraisings) to large scale (funded with IAG from LCIF). Project includes medical and dental clinics, feeding programs, distribution of footwear, school supplies, used and new clothes...etc



Fundraising Projects:

  • Qualcomm Stadium Concession Stands Fundraising: (Ongoing/Seasonal). Club members volunteer selling beers and pizzas at beer kiosks during football season. Tips of volunteer club members go to the club. Other Lions Clubs are invited to particiapte to raise funds for their own clubs. 
  • Intermitent trips to the taping of "Price is Right"/"Let's Make a Deal"/"Dancing with the Stars"/"American Ninja Warriors": (Ongoing). Participants pay $25.00 which includes a seat in the bus, breakfast, lunch, snacks and drinks, admission to the taping of the game show and a possible chance to be called as a contestant, win and spin the wheel for a chance to make a bid on the showcases with Drew Carey or make a deal with Wayne Brady. Souvenir photos are extra charge. Flyer/s will be e-mail blasted to the district membership when a trip is scheduled. Incentive pay goes to the club's civic funds. Ideally, 20 participants is required.. ***We will partner with other organizations who wants to schedule a trip to these game get the participants, we take care of the rest (schedule the taping, arrange for the bus & driver, prepare the food & drinks) Interested party, please contact any of the club officers.
  • Annual Jam Session: (Ongoing). For $15.00, participants get a full dinner buffet and all night dancing to a DJ or live band music. Dance contest is an option.
  • Annual Caroling: (Ongoing). In the month of December, club writes letter to sponsors and patrons requesting to go to their homes and sing Christmas carols for them and their families to spread the spirit of the season. Sponsors and patrons donate to the club funds for our charitable projects
  • Lottery: (Ongoing) For  a $2.00 share, participants donate $1.00 to the club; the other dollar is used to but Lotto tickets. Participants can buy as many shares as they desire. Winnings of $100.00 or less is rolled back into buying more lotto tickets for the next drawing. For winnings of $100.00 or more, 25% goes to the club; 75% will be divided equally according to share/s bought by each participants (or rolling it back to buying more lotto tickets is an option depending on the amount won).
  • Marbles Game: (Ongoing) As part of tailtwisting, each attendees to the club meetings (members and guests) can participate. For $2.00, each participants will receive three (3) raffle tickets. 50% of the money collected will go to the club; the other 50% goes to the "prize pot". The ticket drawn will have the chance to pick a marble from the pouch (which has 30 black marbles and 3 white marbles). If the winner picked a white marble, he/she gets the amount in the "prize pot". If a black marble is picked, the amount collected during that meeting will be added to the "prize pot" (...and the prize pot buids up) until a white marble is picked... and the "prize pot" begins again.

Social Activities: (Proposed)

  • Anniversary, Installation of Incoming Officers , Induction of New Members and Awards and Recognitions (May, June or July)
  • Annual Club Retreat (incorporating new members orientation, officers training and fellowship)
  • 4th of July or Beach Party (Summer)
  • Halloween Party (Fall)
  • Christmas Party (Winter)
  • Easter Party (Spring)



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