Our 2021 - 2022 Officers

President/Club Adminstrator - PCT/PGLT Jay Ruiz, Sr. (619) 581-1051

Immediate Past President/LCIF Chair - Victor Balares

Vice President/Leadership Chair/Secretary/Tail Twister - Luz Galindez

Treasurer - Balou Lansangan

Membership Chair - 1stVDG-E Jay Ruiz, Jr.

Service Committee Chair - Paul Lacuesta

Lion Tamer - Jorge Balares

Marketing Communication Chair - Daughlet Ordinario

Information Technology -  Christian Lacuesta

1 Year Directors - Daughlet Ordinario, Romy Ordinario, Cecille Viloria & June Balares

2 Year Directors - Victor Balares, Gigi Bautista, PDG Art Arboleda &

Cha Ruiz


Our 2020 - 2021 Officers

President - Victor Balares

Immediate Past President - Daughlet Ordinario

Vice President - Jorge Balares

Secretary - Luz Galindez

Treasurer - Antonina Lansangan

Tail Twister - Luz Galindez

Lion Tamer - Jay Ruiz, Jr.

Membership Chair - PDG Art Arboleda

Service Chair - Estrella Padilla

LCIF Chair -  Daughlet Ordinario

Marketing Communication Chair - Cecilia Viloria

Directors - Mary Bautista, June Munar-Balares, Paul Lacuesta, Chrissie Ordinario, Daughlet Ordinario, Romy Ordinario, James Padilla, and Cynthia Ruiz


Our Office/Clubhouse Address:

1341 East 8th Street, Suite A

National City, San Diego County, California 91950

Tel. (619) 581-1051 (Please leave a message if not answered - Thank you)


Join our Lions Club, click here for a membership application and mail it to our address above

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Our Dedicated Members:

PDG Art Arboleda (1069001 - Life Member)   Linda Luz Arboleda (1069002)

Jorge Balares (3038173)   Mary Joan Bautista (4762920)

June Munar-Balres (4365976), Victor Balares (4365967)

Alan Garvin, M.D. (1079775)   Luz Galndez (2008746)

Christopher D. Jamison (5679171)   Paul Lacuesta (3911660)

Balou Lansangan (3297852)   Chrissie Ordinario (4565980) 

Daughlet Ordinario (619415)     Romeo Ordinario (619416)

Arlene S. Pangan (5679137)   Martin R. Reyes (5679142)

Cynthia Ruiz (3411361)   Jay Ruiz, Jr. (3038183)

Jay Ruiz, Sr. (2009563 - Life Member)    Cecilia Viloria (4896301)

Dr. Dario Villa (2511102)

Dr. Ceferina P. Ruiz (757556 - Life Member, Associate Member as of Feb. 3, 2005)


Our Clubhouse (Meeting Room)

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