Club Officers: LY 2021 - 2022

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District 4-L6 Officers 2021 - 2022

District Website

District Governor - Jennifer Mendoza (Lemon Grove Lions Club)

Immediate Past District Governor - Brian Clapper (National City Host Lions Club)

1st VDG  -  Jay Ruiz, Jr.  (San Diego TFC Lions Club)

2nd VDG - Julio deGuzman (La Jolla Presidents Lions Club)

Cabinet Secretary - PDG Brad Weeks (Santee Rancho Lions Club)

     Assistant Cabinet Secretary - Leo Williams (San Diego Forever Lions Club)

     Recording Secretary - Virgie Williams (San Diego Forever Lions Club)

Cabinet Treasurer - JoAnne Burke (Lemon Grove Lions Club)

Lion Tamer - John Mendoza (Lemon Grove Lions Club)

Tail Twister - Elsa Siverts (San Diego  Lions Club)

Assistant Tail Twister - Liana LaBaron (Lemon Grove Lions Club)

South Bay Region Chair - Guada Ignacio (San Diego Majestic Lions Club)

Paradise Zone Chair - Jay Ruiz, Sr. (San Diego TFC Lions Club)


Multiple District Four 2021 - 2022

MD-4 Website

Council Chair - Linda J. Pugliese

Immediate Past Council Chair - Claudia Miller

Executive Administrator - Cass Cara


MD-4 Dues - $31/member/year, billed 1/2 in August and 1/2 in February

Student members of Campus Club has no MD-4 Dues but pay District dues ($13).  Regular Member, Family Member, and  Life Member of a regular club all pays the regular $31/member/year dues.

Student member, pay $0 to MD-4, $13/year to 4-L6, & $21.50/year to LCI.  No one time fee as charter member of a new club.


Lions Clubs International Officers 2021 - 2022

LCI Website

President - Douglas X. Alexander

      International President Theme, click here

Immediate Past President - Dr. Jung-Yul Choi

1st Vice President - Brian E. Sheehan

2nd Vice President - Dr. Patti Hill

3rd Vice President - Fabricio Oliveira

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LCI dues is $43/member/year except for family member (main pays the regular $43 and other family member living in the same address only pays 1/2 of $43 (up to 4).  Billed 1/2 in January and the other 1/2 in July.  One time fee is $35 for new member of a newly chartered club ($20 for transfers), $35/member when joining an existing club. Check for special discounted rate until Dewcember 2020.

How current LCI Dues of $43 is spent to support Lions around the world (April 20, 2020)

$0.79   - Regional Offices

$1.74   - Risk Management

$2.95   - International Convention

$3.46   - Information Technology

$3.92   - The Lion Magazine

$3.95   - International Headquarters Operations

$4.45   - District Governors & District Governor-Elect

$8.89   - International Officers & Board of Directors

$12.83 - Leadership, Membership, Service Support

 January 20, 2021

Board of Directors take steps to help our clubs

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is continuing to impact the work of Lions around the world. As you know, it has also created financial hardships for our Lions and the people for whom we care. 

To support the incredible men and women serving with us, the International Board of Directors unanimously passed another resolution to help our clubs. 

Here is an overview of the new resolution approved by the Board of Directors:

  • Charter and entrance fees waiver – We have waived all charter and entrance fees from January 1 through June 30, 2022.
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