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1st Blueberry Scouts


We are proud to sponsor this fine organization
•  involving youth throughout their formative years in a non-formal educational process.
•  using a specific method that makes each individual the principal agent in his or her development as a self-reliant, supportive, responsible and committed person.
•  assisting youth to establish a value system based upon spiritual, social and personal principles as expressed in the Promise and Law.


Alberta 4-H

 We sponsor the top steer by a first year member.
4-H has been an integral part of Alberta communities since 1917, with deep-rooted history and tradition that stems back to the efforts of individuals that formed the very first club for boys and girls (later called 4-H) in our province.

Aerials Gymnastics Club

Aerials Gym ClubThrough the sport of gymnastics, we promote fitness, fun and confidence for the children in our community.

CPR Mannequins at the Pool

CPR Mannequins

The Town of Stony Plain Public Outdoor Swimming Pool will be better prepared to offer basic lifesaving instruction after purchasing CPR manikins with money donated from the Stony Plain Lions Club.The Lions donated approximately $850.00 to the Town for the purchase of eight new cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) pals to be used at the pool.
“These manikins will enable our swimming pool staff to provide improved life-saving training to lifeguards and to our residents who take swimming lessons. On behalf of council, administration and the people of Stony Plain, I thank the Lions Club organization for its generous donation.”
Ken Lemke, mayor of Stony Plain.

Gazebo at Whispering Waters

Kinsmen Christmas Hampers



Lions Playground

Many years ago, the Stony Plain Lions Club invested in playground equipment for a hidden park in Stony Plain. Lion Herb Reinhart recalls members, lining up with their lawnmowers, and going round & round until the grass was mowed in the park. Today the Town does the mowing, however, the Lions purchased new playground equipment worth Approx. $50,000.00. We hope the children enjoy many more years on the new equipment.

"The Best Hidden Gem in Stony Plain"

GPS: 53.525124,-114.004839

Light Up Your Life Society

Memorial Composite High School Awards

Memorial Composite



No Child Without

No Child WithoutThe Canadian MedicAlert® Foundation is able to offer MedicAlert memberships to students (from age 4 to their 14th birthday) through the No Child Without® program in select schools. The financial support of the Government of Canada and Lions Clubs allows students to receive the MedicAlert membership for FREE.

Project Pride

Since 1993 Club members have visited Stony Plain schools in June of each year to take part in Project Pride. Each grade one student is presented with a certificate and a Canadian flag to encourage awareness of, and pride in, our country.

Stony Plain Library

LibraryThe Stony Plain Lions Club purchased shelving for the library. Following that, they donated the equipment for the Teen Room. The Library expansion's reading room was furnished by the Lions. They help fund the annual Summer Reading Program.

Tender Hearts

Tender Hearts FoundationTender Hearts Foundation is a registered non-profit society created to bring a little joy to the seniors in our community by presenting them with a gift at Christmas. These gifts are thoughtfully chosen, wrapped and hand delivered with love to seniors in local nursing facilities, assisted living lodges. The idea began in 2001 in memory of a loved and missed grandmother. The first year was a small box of gifts donated to one Nursing home in Spruce Grove. This gesture was so well received by the recipients and staff that the idea has now grown to 996 gift boxes presented to residents at 15 care facilities in the Tri-County region and area.

Town of Stony Plain Handi-Van

TownMany years ago the Stony Plain Lions Club purchased the first "Handi Van" as transportation  for seniors and people with disabilities. For their 60th anniversary, the Club donated $60,000.00 to the Town for the smaller "Handi Van" you see on the streets today.

Victim Services


The APBVSA is a non-profit organization of Victim Service Units located in Police facilities throughout Alberta. The Association promotes proactive leadership, professional development and education to ensure service excellence to victims of crime and tragedy.

The APBVSA is the leading resource on victim’s issues in Alberta.

WestView Health Centre

Way back, when it was the Stony Plain Hospital on the 5th Meridian (48 St.), the Stony Plain Lions Club purchased an X-Ray machine for the hospital. Health has always been a concern of the Club. In recent times the Wesview Health Centre received furnishings for a "quiet room." The room has since disappeared, however, the furnishings are still being used in the reception area and recreation area. The Club donated the funds for landscaping an area. Two outdoor benches were donated, in Memory of Jacob "Decker" Kulak and Alec Boychuck, for the use of patients and their visitors.


Alberta Foundation for Diabetes Research

Alberta Foundation for Diabetes ResearchThe Alberta Foundation for Diabetes Research in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, raises funds to support clinical trials as well as other promising diabetes research projects being carried out in Alberta. It also provides general information on diabetes.

Camp He-Ho-Ha

Camp Health, Hope and Happiness Society exists to provide safe and rewarding recreational opportunities to children and adults with physical and mental disabilities. It is not-for-profit, non-denominational organization a nation situated on Lake Isle Northern Alberta funded by public support.
The Stony Plain Lions Club supports Camp He Ho Ha with an annual donation.



 In 1925, Helen Keller challenged Lions to become Knights of the Blind. Since that time, service to people with vision loss has become one of the association’s most significant activities.
Lions and Lioness clubs throughout Canada give generously to CNIB each year with donations in time and cash totaling more than $500,000 annually.

Lions Cavalcade For Diabetes

Lions Cavelcade

 The Travelling Diabetes Resource Program (TDRP) is a public education tool designed to promote the health of Albertans. It provides diabetes related resources and information for people with diabetes, their family members and those at risk of developing the disease. The TDRP services the entire province of Alberta at no charge to the community, health authority, facility or general public.

Lions Eye Bank

Lions Eyebank

Lions eye banks perform valuable sight-saving functions. A staff of professionals at the eye bank recover, evaluate and distribute human eye tissue for vision restoration, research and education. Eye surgeons rely on eye banks to supply them with eye tissue for sight-saving procedures for persons who have eye disease or injury.
Lions have been providing support for eye banks for nearly 65 years. Currently, there are 53 official Lions Eye Banks throughout the world. We help support the one in Alberta.

Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides

Lions Foundation of CanadaSince 1983, the lives of over 1200 men, women and children from the age of 8 to 84, have been enriched by the services of specially trained Dog Guides from Lions Foundation of Canada. The Lions Foundation of Canada mission is to provide service to physically challenged Canadians in the area of mobility, safety and independence; and to assist other charitable endeavors as appropriate.

Lions Quest

Lions Quest

Lions Quest Programs are school-based comprehensive youth development programs for young people. The programs bring together families, educators, and community members to teach young people life and citizenship skills within a caring and consistent environment.
For over 25 years, the Lions Quest program grew, reaching over 50,000 educators with in-service and pre-service workshop training in every province and territory.


Did you know?
In 1985 the rotary air ambulance program, initially named Lions Air Ambulance Service, was established as a result of medical community concerns that Alberta had a 50 per cent higher death rate due to trauma when compared to other leading Canadian trauma centres.
Yes, that's right, the Lions Clubs of Alberta were instrumental in establishing STARS!
The Stony Plain Lions continue to donate to this fine project.



Lions Clubs International Foundation

LCIFWhen the Haiti earthquake struck, our members were able to help victims directly by channeling donations through LCIF, knowing that the funds would be administered by Lions in their area.
One of the most important ways that Lions make a difference in their communities and the world is through Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF), the official charitable organization of Lions Clubs International. With funding from LCIF, Lions carry out large scale humanitarian projects in their community. Since LCIF began in 1968, it has awarded more than 10,000 grants totaling more than $700 million.

One Shot, One Life: Lions Measles Initiative

LCIF and Lions are collaborating with the Measles Initiative partners to rescue children worldwide from measles. Measles is one of the world's deadliest vaccine preventable diseases: 450 children die each day. Yet, for less than $1, we can vaccinate one child for life. Help us save 157 million children this year. Be a part of the solution through the One Shot, One Life: Lions Measles Initiative by supporting LCIF through the Gates Foundation Challenge Grant. For every $2 raised by Lions, the Gates Foundation will donate US$1. Together, LCIF and the Gates Foundation will provide a total of US$15 million to fight measles this year. Learn more at

Recycling Eyeglasses

Lions Recyclefor SightWe collect used eyeglasses and distribute them to needy people in developing countries. Worldwide, more than 30 million pairs are recycled by Lions annually.


SightFirst: Lions’ Vision for All

ThSightFirste SightFirst mission is to build eye care systems in underserved communities to fight blindness and vision loss and assist blind and visually impaired persons. Since the program began in 1990, SightFirst has helped save or restore the sight of more than 30 million people worldwide. On average, about every $6 in donations has resulted in a person with vision restored or saved from blindness. Through two fundraising campaigns, Lions have raised nearly $350 million to support the ongoing efforts of SightFirst.

Project Funding

Most projects have been funded through:

Lions RV Park & Campground

Lions RV Park &CampgroundOpened in 1989 with the hope that it would attract visitors to Stony Plain and raise money for Lions projects, the RV Park has exceeded all expectations.


Century Casino St. AlbertThe Stony Plain Lions have been holding casinos approximately once every 2-3 years in order to raise funds to fund some of their projects.


You too could help make a difference in our community. 

It's Great To Be A Lion!

Lions contribute their time and efforts, to raise funds and complete projects that enhance our local community and beyond. "We Serve"

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