Towanda Lions Club

"We Serve"


(Originally written by Roy Redding, updated August 2016)
The Lions Club of Towanda, Illinois was chartered March 1, 1975 with 18 members.  More than 200 Lions Club members from Illinois attended the chartering ceremony at Illinois State University. This Lions Club is one of more than 45,000 clubs in more than 206 countries and geographic areas with more than 1.35 million members world-wide.
Affiliated with Lions Clubs International, our motto is “We Serve.” The Mission Statement is "To create and foster a spirit of understanding among all people for humanitarian needs by providing services through community involvement and international cooperation."
This is a not-for-profit service organization providing financial and physical assistance to people and organizations in the Towanda community. Membership requires a small time investment and gives a great deal of satisfaction from helping others. Known as the organization that assists the blind persons of the world through recycling of eyeglasses, they also collect used hearing aids, keys, and aluminum pop tops.
Meetings have been held at the American Legion Building in Towanda,, Shoemaker’s Cafe in Towanda, and various restaurants in Bloomington-Normal. Most meetings are now held at the Community Building in Towanda. A rotation of four committees provides a meal and arranges for a program at meetings held the second Thursday of every month.
Officers consist of a President, 1st Vice President, 2ncI Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Tail Twister. The Tail Twister is the omnipotent disciplinarian charged with keeping a reasonable degree of decorum during meetings.
Members give something to the Towanda community through several activities:
  • Ham & Bean Dinner
  • Financial assistance for eye exams and eyeglasses
  • Financial support and labor to Towanda District Library
  • Financial support and labor to Historic Route 66: A Geographic Journey
  • Financial support to TLNO organization for holiday food baskets
  • Highway Litter Control Program
  • Illinois Lions Candy Day
  • Labor to Habitat For Humanity
  • Snocones at Easter Seals Camp at Lake Bloomington
  • Snocones at Camp Lions at Lake  Bloomington
  • Snocones at Towanda Elementary School’s Play Day
  • Snocones at Towanda 4th of July Flea Market
  • Scholarship to a college student with a Towanda address
  • Easter Egg Hunt
Presidents of the club have been::
1975-1976 George Forbes
1976-1977 Steve Shipley
1977-1978 Dale Messer
1978-1979 Phil Reimer
1979-1980 Nolan Campbell
1980-1981 Mike Thornas
1981-1982 Jerry Bersche
1982-1983 Denny Redick
1983-1984 Roy Redding
1984-1985 Steve Liebenow
1885-1986 Phil Josephson
1986-1987 Mike Potts
1987-1988 Roy Redding
1988-1989 Denny Redick
1989-1990 Steve Shipley
1990-1991 Phil Josephson
1991-1992 Mike Potts
1992-1993 Mike Potts
1993-1994 Dale Moehring / Mike Potts
1994-1995 Rick Myers
1995-1996 Dennis Ambuehi
1996-1997 Mike Thomas
1997-1998 Bob Hancock
1998-1999 Mike Orrick
1999-2000 Ralph Gibson
2000-2001 Steve Shipley
2001-2002 Phil Josephson
2002-2003 Patrick Hampton
2003-2004 Sam Foster
2004-2005 Louie Blank
2005-2006 Maurice Jones
2006-2007 Stan Bauer
2007-2008 Randy Pearson
2008-2009 Doug Leathers
2009-2010 Ralph Gibson
2010-2011 Denny Redick
2011-2012 Dennis Rollins
2012-2013 Steve Shipley
2013-2014 Dick Jurgens
2014-2015 Jerry Bersche
2015-2016 Bob Hancock
2016-2017 Rick Myers
2017-2018 Stan Bauer
2018-2019 Bob King
2019-2020 Wayne Lutz
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