Easter Eggs!

Two of our members attending a Lunch Bunch in Woodley recently to drop off Easter Eggs from Sainsburys. To say they were grateful was an understatement and we were so glad to be able to bring a bit of joy to come children this Easter.

Mobility Chair Donation

In October 2021 our club took delivery of a generously donated Mobility Chair.

"the chair was bought two years ago for my mother, who has a neurological degenerative disease but it soon became apparent that this was not right for her. My father wanted to donated the Chair to the Lions and we have agreed they could offer the chair at a discounted price with the proceeds to be retained by the Club for worthy causes."

Speaking on the Club's behalf, Mike Kennedy, vice-president, who took delivery of the chair said, "this really is a most generous donation given the excellent condition of the chair which has only been used once outside!" "The Mobility Chair will help us raise around £300 from the resale. We would welcome offers from local residents."

Bookstall at Woodley Market

Thanks to everyone who said hello and bought a book at Woodley Market this month (18.09.21) where our ecelectic bookstall was hosted by a few of our marvellous Lions club members. 

Winnersh Fete Human Fruit Machine

A great time was had by all at Winnersh Summer Fete held at the Bearwood Recreation ground on Saturday 4th September 2021. We are greatly looking forward to attending more events now lockdown restrictions are easing, to spread a bit of joy and collect a few coins that help fund charitable projects. If you see us out and about, please come and say hello!

Parenting Special Children

We have recently agreed to provide funding support to this amazing charity which provides a range of support to Parents of Children with Autism, ADHD, Trauma, and Attachment issues. The services and support provided includes workshops, support groups, advocacy, helplines, events, training, diagnosis, and one to one support. 

The PSC Charity Log recently showed 316 parents being supported in the Woodley and Earley area and we want to help ensure such services can continue to be provided during these especially difficult times.

For more information please visit their website at:

Woodley Town Centre Defibrillator 

The Mayor of Woodley together  with members of the club unveiling a defibrillator for use by Woodley residents. This life- saving device was installed at the base of the clock tower in Woodley Town Centre.

Woodley First Responders Vehicle 

The Mayor again joined club members at the Woodley Carnival to present a new fully equipped vehicle to the W&E First Responders. The team of 6 Woodley First Responders can be at an emergency within minutes, helping to save lives.


Launchpad is a Charity for people who are either homeless, or have housing problems.  They have a "Drop in" centre in Reading where these unfortunate people can come for advice.  Woodley and Earley are not immune to having people in this stressful position.  We have therefore paid for the complete refurbishment of the family room.  The picture shows members at the handover of the finished works.

Minibus for Addington School

This summer (together with the Lords Taverners) we made a significant contributon towards the provision of a new minibus for the Addington School for children with Special Needs, in Woodley.  Their fleet was in desparate need of it and they were most appreciative.

Bladder Scanner for Royal Berks Hospital

This October (2019) we have donated an £8000 bladder scanner to the Royal Berks.   This piece of equipment is the latest state-of-the-art ptece of kit.  It will obviate the need for invasive treatment and it will make the process more clinically safe.

Other Significant Donations:

In our last fully active year (2019) we made numerous smaller donations to other worthy causes.  This has been done confidentially, so names are generally withheld.

  • We made a major donation towards the purchase of a highly technical wheelchair for a young adult with special needs.

  • We provided a Pulseguard to a family whose daughter suffers from epilepsy.  This device alerts the parents when a fit occurs during the night.       


  • We enabled a family with severe autism amongst its members to go on a holiday to a specialist centre on the Isle of Wight.
  • We paid for disco equipment to enable a small local charity to provide a weekly disco club activity for young people and adults with special needs.
  • We made a modest contribution to a local choir to assist in the purchase of sheet music.
  • We have made a contributon towards the RBH Christmas party which is laid on for those children who have to be in hospital over the Christmas period.
  • We have made a contribution towards the Reading Family Aid group for their Toy Project  (for underprivileged children).
  • We have made a significant donation to the Earley ATC towards their new (desktop) flight simulator. (Don't be surprised if, on your next holiday flight, when the captain is taken ill, a teenager jumps up and volunteers to take over the controls!).
  • We have made a contribution towards furniture for a local Pre-school.

  • We have made a donaton to the First Days Charity, who provide clothes and equipment to disadvantaged families for their small children. First Days are now extending the scope of their activities to providing school uniforms to financially strapped families.  This is a picture of us handing over the £1000 cheque.
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