The Wooster Noon Lions Club has a long history of leadership.

Past Presidents

Lyman Adair 1927-1928
John G. Wishard 1928-1929
Albert E. Andrews 1929-1930
Delbert G. Lean 1930-1931
Martin Remp 1931-1932
W. C. Hushour 1932-1933
George Brooks 1933-1934
Ralph E. Fisher 1934-1935
Clarence G. Miller 1935-1936
Charles D. Hering 1936-1937
Asher H. Brand 1937-1938
Earl W. Word 1938-1939
Harlan W. Mosher 1939-1940
Orrville D. Parker 1940-1941
Winford L. Sharp 1941-1942
Samuel Brenner   1942
Claude R. Neiswander 1942-1943
Homer L. Hoover 1943-1944
Charles W. Clouse 1944-1945
Creed E. Shearer 1945-1946
Paul E. Crow 1946-1947
Harold A. McGrew 1947-1948
John H. Ferguson 1948-1949
William S. Schreiber 1949-1950
Allen S. Neilson, Sr. 1950-1951
Everett V. Ault 1951-1952
Norman D. Aylesworth 1952-1953
J. N. Bucher 1953-1954
L. L. Litwiler 1954-1955
E. B. Taylor 1955-1956
Alfred Newhouse 1956-1957
Gaylord E. McComas 1957-1958
Glenn Reich 1958-1959
Robert Weiss 1959-1960
Walter Breneman 1960-1961
Gerald Campbell 1961-1962
Harry W. Millhuff 1962-1963
Clyde White 1963-1964
Kenneth E. Chapman 1964-1965
George W. Wagner 1965-1966
Harold Krabill 1966-1967
Don E. Kauffman 1967-1968
Ralph Gresser 1968-1969
Jerry Bosnak 1969-1970
Harry Weckesser 1970-1971
Richard H. Gross 1971-1972
Donald Lance 1972-1973
James H. Pitman 1973-1974
Gene Sklorman 1974-1975
Phillip Butdorf 1975-1976
Elmer Schavey 1976-1977
Jack L. Sleek 1977-1978
Edward H. Roche 1978-1979
Clyde K. Smith 1979-1980
Wright Culbertson 1980-1981
Glover Triplett 1981-1982
Jildo DeFelice 1982-1983
William Hofacre 1983-1984
Lawrence R. Gabriel 1984-1985
Rick Lowe 1985-1986
Thomas Silver 1986-1987
Bruce Ramsey 1987-1988
Clifford A. Greene 1988-1989
Daniel P. Strock 1989-1990
Sanford C. Oyer 1990-1991
Donald R. Redman 1991-1992
James R. Krauss 1992-1993
Robert J. Brown 1993-1994
N. David Schmidt 1994-1995
Lee H. Dice 1995-1996
Erwin M. Kohler 1996-1997
Jeffrey J. Urban 1997-1998
Frank L. Beeson 1998-1999
Alex P. Roberts 1999-2000
Todd M. Imhoff 2000-2001
Earl G. Mullet 2001-2002
Michael G. Force 2002-2003
Roberta P. Lewis 2003-2004
David E. Shock 2004-2005
Deanna Troutman 2005-2006
Lewis H. Hinkel 2006-2007
Roger D. Proper, Jr. 2007-2008
Stephen W. Thornton 2008-2009
Andrew Badertscher 2009-2010
Leo Genereux 2010-2011
Robyn McClintock 2011-2012
Timothy Bogner 2012-2013
Luke Palmer 2013-2014
Mike Mcclintock 2014-2015
Kevin McAllister 2015-2016
Ami Hammond 2016-2017
Ann Paynter 2017-2018
Elyse Pycraft 2018-2019
Lacie Neal 2019-2020
Becky Thornton 2020-2021
Doug Carpenter 2021-2022

Other Club Past President

Thomas W. Vestal (Club 4A3) 1982-1983

Charter Members

Lyman Adair Harry O. Maurer
Sidney Amster R. R. Mayberry
A. E. Andrews Earle G. Messmore
Park S. Austen A. K. Miller
John C. Bartell J. W. Olthouse
Samuel Brenner Walter E. Painter
George Brooks Joe T. Pomeroy
Harvey W. Conrad Rev. Ian Robertson
Charles A. Fitch Neill 0. Rowe
John H. Ferguson Orrin Shook
John A. Flood Raub H. Simon
W. H. Free LeRoy Smith
F. C. Ganyard Ralph J. Stout
R. L. Hayes A. F. Southwick
Charles N. Holmes Roy C. Thomas
W. C. Hushour J. W. Walter
J. W. Irwin J. G. Wishard
A.H. Juergens Lincoln A. Yocum
0. D. Kauffman Eugene Yougen
W. E. Laurence J.A. Zaugg

Past International Directors

Homer L. Hoover 1963-1965
Stephen Thornton 2018-2021

Past District Governors

C. Fred Larcamp 1958-1959
Homer L. Hoover 1963-1965
Gaylord Mccomas 1966-1967
James H. Pitman 1984-1985
Thomas W. Vestal 1988-1989
Todd M. Imhoff 2006-2007
Stephen Thornton 2009-2010
Robyn McClintock 2016-2017
Deb Mosier 2021-2022

Life Members

Don Redman
Sandy Oyer
Thomas Vestal

District 13-G Hall of Fame

Homer L. Hoover
Ernest S. Infield
Erwin M. Kohler
Alex P. Roberts

Past Council Chairperson

Thomas W. Vestal (4M) 1993-1994
Stephen Thornton 2010-2011

Lion Of The Year Award

William Krauss 1980
Goss Twichell 1982
Elmer Schavey 1983
Ernest S. Infield 1984
James H. Pitman 1985
Don E. Kauffman 1986
Clyde K. Smith 1987
Jildo DeFelice 1988
Ernest B. Taylor 1989
Robert H. Whitford 1990
Donald R. Redman 1991
R. Emerson Dilgard 1992
Harry W. Millhuff 1993
Wilson B. Freshley 1994
Richard A. Silver 1995
James R. Krauss 1996
Earl G. Mullet 1997
Todd M. Imhoff 1998
Lee H. Dice 1999
Erwin M. Kohler 2000
David E. Shock 2001
Thomas Silver 2002
Toberta P. Lewis 2003
Alex P. Roberts 2004
Deanna Troutman 2005
Roger D. Proper, Jr. 2006
Patricia K. James 2007
Tricia L. Pycraft 2008
Erwin M. Kohler 2009
John E. Veney 2010
Kevin McAllister 2011
Mike McClintock 2012
David Spar 2013
Robyn McClintock 2014
Cyndi O'Donnell 2015
Ami Hammond 2016
Connie Kent 2017
Elyse Pycraft 2018
Deb Mosier 2019
Becky Moore 2020
John E. Veney 2021
Kathi Bond 2022

Melvin Jones Fellows

Andrew Badertscher Kevin McAllister
Wilmer D. Baer Robyn McClintock
Tim Bogner Michael McClintock
Kathi Bond* Wayne McMullen
John L. Bone William Miller
Francis W. Browne Harry W. Millhuff
John Buchholz Becky Moore
Douglas Carpenter Keith A. Morrow
Kenneth E. Chapman Earl G. Mullet
Merritt Corbin Clyde C. Myers
Wright Culbertson Lewis J. Nolletti
Jildo DeFelice Lisa Nyhart
William E. Demorest Cyndi O'Donnell
Lee H. Dice Sanford C. Oyer
R. Emerson Dilgard James H. Pitman
Robert Dush Roger Proper
Mike Faught Tricia Pycraft*
Lori Faught Pete Radosevich
Jeremy R. Felland Donald R. Redman
Ralph E. Fisher Alex P. Roberts
Virgil Fisher Pamela Roberts
Wilson B. Freshley Elmer S. Schavey
Lawrence R. Gabriel William S. Schreiber
William B. Gilson David E. Shock
Cliff Greene Richard A. Silver
Ralph H. Gresser Thomas Silver
Richard H. Gross Jim Silver
Ami Hammond Gene Sklorman
Holly Hart Jack L. Sleek
Lewis H. Hinkel David Spar*
Homer L. Hoover Ernest B. Taylor
Jamie Howey Becky Thornton
Connie Imhoff Stephen Thornton
Todd M. Imhoff Deanna Troutman
Ernest S. Infield Jay VanSickle
Patricia James John E. Veney*
Don E. Kauffman Thomas Vestal*
Erwin M. Kohler* George W. Wagner
Harold G. Krabill Stanley A. Watson
James R. Krauss Robert H. Whitford
Stuart J. Ling Richard E. Wolf

* Progressive Melvin Jones Fellows

W. R. "Dick" Bryan Fellow

A foundation for diabetic research set up to honor the late, past International President 1969- 1970 WR. "Dick" Bryan who was from Doylestown, Ohio. A contribution to the foundation entitles our club to name a member as a W R. "Dick" Bryan Fellow.

James H. Pitman 2004
James R. Krauss 2005
Alex P. Roberts 2006
Todd M. Imhoff 2007
Jack Sleek 2008
Thomas W. Vestal 2009
Erwin M. Kohler 2010
John Bone 2011
David Spar 2015
Tricia Pycraft 2015


A relatively new awardfrom the Ohio Lions Diabetes Fund, it is in recognition of a contribution.from our club and goes to members who have demonstrated an outstanding performance during the year. Past recipients have been:

Andrew Badertscher James R. Krauss
John L. Bone Earl G. Mullet
Joan C. Browne Alan Nathan
Gregory T. Buehler James H. Pitman
Dan J. Conrad Donald R. Redman
Lee H. Dice David E. Shock
Robe11 Dush Christian Silva
Jeremy R. Felland Richard A. Silver
Leo J. Genereux Thomas Silver
Thomas N. Glover Rachael Taylor
Lewis Hinkel John W. Thomas
Todd M. Imhoff Deanna Troutman
Ernest S. Infield Jeffery J. Urban
Patricia K. James Stanley A. Watson
Erwin M. Kohler  

Harry J. Aslan Fellow

In recognition of outstanding contribution to the student speakers foundation of MD4. -- Harry Aslan is a former International President from MD4.

Thomas W. Vestal 1994

Foundation Honor Roll

Awarded for exceptional service. The following members of our club have received this award and their names have been inscribed on a special wall at International Headquarters in Chicago.

Woodard E. Booth 1986
James R. Krauss 1997
William Krauss 1986
Erwin M. Kohler 1998
Ralph E. Fisher 1990
Ralph Mccleery 1998
Wright Culbertson 1993
Alex P. Roberts 1998
Stuart J. Ling 1994
James H. Pitman 1999
Jeremy R. Felland 1996
Earl G. Mullet 2000
Ernest S. Infield 1996
Todd M. Imhoff 2001

Lions / Boy Scouts Community Service Award

James Silver John E. Veney

Wooster Noon Lions Club Privacy Policy

Collection and Use of Personal Membership Data by Wooster Noon Lions Club.

Wooster Noon Lions Club recognizes the importance of protecting the private information of our members. Wooster Noon Lions Club collects personal information about Lions Club members to facilitate communications with and between our members. This information is used "to unite the clubs in bonds of friendship, good fellowship, and mutual understanding" and to conduct its necessary operational activities including:

  • Dues and other billings
  • Distribution of official Club, Zone & District communications
  • Compilation of membership profiles and trends to support membership growth, extension, and retention programs
  • Convention and meeting planning
  • Contact information for Lion leaders at all levels
  • Furtherance of Public Relations activities and Cooperative Alliances
  • Disclosure of information as required by law or that is pertinent to judicial or governmental investigations

The club membership names may be listed on the club's website; but contact information regarding the membership shall be kept confidential. The club membership contact information should be regarded by all members as confidential and shall not be used as a commercial or political mailing list.

Written permission must be obtained before disclosing any personal information including names, addresses, email addresses, telephone numbers, medical information, financial information, etc. Methods of disclosure include but are not limited to posting of any personal information on the Internet or sharing e-mail addresses with third parties.

Guest Policy

In order to memorialize a long practiced, but previously unwritten, 3-visits guest policy, and to clarify that is also applies to family (or other guests that are not visiting the club in order to be potential members) after 3 free meals per calendar year, the Board approved the following policy:

A Lion can bring the same guest three (3) times and then must pay the going meal rate ($10.00) for inactive members.

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