If you know one of our members, they will be glad to tell you more about LIONS in general and East Granby LIONS in particular.  We all carry membership applications and would be happy to have additional members to spread the workload more.  The officers noted below are also listed elsewhere on this website and all of our membership includes:

  • Scott Bingham
  • Arnold Cohen
  • Myra Doughney (Treasuer)
  • Lee Echert
  • Stephen Gilkey (LION-Tamer)
  • Gordon Granger
  • James Hayden
  • Janet Keough (President)
  • Mark Keough (Secretary)
  • David Lawton
  • John "Jay" LaCouture  (LION-Tamer)
  • Nelson Marques (Vice President)
  • Donald Sedor
  • Charle Smith (co-Membership Chairman)
  • RoseAnna Smith (co-Membership Chairman)


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