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About Us

The Breakfast Club was sponsored by the Porterville Noon Lions in 1960.  For over 50 years we have been tirelessly serving those in need with projects ranging from the Chem Free Grad Night to providing eye care to individuals with sight impairments to spaghetti dinners for local events. Currently, our primary fundraisers are the St Patrick’s Day Brewfest, Swing for Sight Golf Tournament, Drive-Through dinners and a beer booth at the Freedom Fest.

This club is committed to bringing the services of Lions Clubs International to our community.  We had an active role in the construction of the first sheltered workshop on Olive Avenue, an arbor in Veterans Park as well as a small children’s park on Orange Avenue.  Expansion of the women’s shelter and the Porterville Museum were other local construction jobs.

We assist monetarily with numerous youth activities, senior citizen programs, City sponsored events, and non-profit activities.

Current Member Roster


Lion Ernesto Alonzo
Lion Cameron Anderson
Lion Ray Beltran
Lion James Benton, PP
Lion Jack Boesch, PP
Lion Jeff Bottoms
Lion Rob Boulton, PP
Lion Jeff Brown
Lion John Buckley
Lion Dr John Buckton
Lion Peppard Burns
Lion Thomas “Tom” Burns ZC
Lion Dale Carlton
Lion Norman “Norm” Carpenter, PRC
Lion Jim Chavez, PP
Lion Ben Cramer
Lion Dustin Della
Lion John Doyel, PP
Lion Larry Duysen
Lion Donald “Don” Forrester
Lion William “Bill” Fusco, PP        
Lion Dago Garcia PP       
Lion Michael “Mike” Garcia, PZC               
Lion Amy Graybehl         
Lion Steve Graybehl PP  
Lion Michael Gutierrez
Lion Jim Hatcher
Lion Joseph Heard                           
Lion Bill Jones, PP            
Lion Gary Kaiser                               
Lion Ron Kavadas
Lion Bruce Lankford PP 
Lion Larry Lindgren         
Lion Richard Mendivil    
Lion Donnie Moore PP
Lion Jeffery “Jeff” Muirhead      
Lion Julia-Rose Padilla
Lion Del Pengilly, PZC     
Lion William “Poly” Polanec, PP               
Lion Robert Pugh, Jr. PP   
Lion Ryan Pugh            
Lion Gene Pyland            
Lion Robert “Bob” Raymond, PP 
Lion Joseph “Joe” Ruiz, PP   
Lion Arturo "Art" Samora       
Lion Wilfred “Bill” Sandberg PP 
Lion Gary Santos                              
Lion Marvin “Marv” Sharp                           
Lion John Simonich         
Lion Donald “Don” Sowers          
Lion Richard Stadtherr
Lion Dan Stadtherr PP   
Lion Dr Trevor Steidley
Lion David “Dave” Steventon     
Lion Dr Donald “Don” Stover                      
Lion Milt Stowe PP            
Lion Richard “Rich” Taylor
Lion Garrett Thomas
Lion Richard "Rich" Tree                           
Lion Hector Villicana       
Lion Gary Wallace PP     
Lion Jay Warnke PP        
Lion Michael “Mike” Watson      
Lion Douglas “Doug” Webb                         
Lion Harold Wilson        


The International Club Twinning Program is a voluntary and mutual agreement between clubs in different countries.  Twinning provides an opportunity to learn about another club and its culture. Club twins actively illustrate the Third Purpose of the Association, To create and foster a spirit of understanding among the peoples of the world.  The Porterville Breakfast Lions is currently twinning with a club in South Africa and one in Nepal.

 Porterville Lions Club, Porterville South Africa:


Porterville is a picturesque town on the slopes of the beautiful Olifants River Mountains at the foot of Voorberg. It was established in 1863 after Frederick John Owen, one of the original 1820 Settlers, subdivided his farm, Pomona into plots, naming the town after the then popular Attorney General of the Cape, Sir William Porter.

 Originally the region was inhabited by San (Bushmen) tribes centuries before the arrival of the Dutch Settlers and the mountains in the region contain numerous relics of the past, the most enigmatic being a rock art painting of a sailing ship in the Groot Winterhoek Mountains (on privately owned land) east of Porterville.

This unspoilt country town of some 9 000 inhabitants is a land of extremes, offering diversity, hospitality and authenticity. The region is famous for the rarest of flowers, the DisaUniflora. It is the only place in South Africa where one can see fields of these flowers in nature, the rarest being the sulphur yellow Disa, which has been found only in one small colony in Porterville.

Climatic conditions vary from dry, hot summers with powerful thermals (making it the ideal location for paragliding enthusiasts) followed by severe winters, with snow on the mountain peaks and storms rolling in from the Atlantic coast in the west. The Dasklip Pass takes one to the mountain and the Groot Winterhoek Nature Reserve.

Lions Club of Kathmandu:

Nepal is a country of highly diverse and rich geography, culture, and religions. The mountainous north has eight of the world's ten highest mountains, including the highest, Mount Everest. This small, hospitable country is an exceptionally popular destination for travelers, whether they are in search of climbing challenges or spiritual enlightenment. The utmost but important thing is the Kathmandu the capital city of Nepal is also known as "City of Temples" and adorned with cultural heritages and garnished with the people from all over the country and well known for their great hospitality.

The Himalayan kingdom of Nepal is not only the land of many mountain peaks, but also many gods and goddess, unique among all of them being the living, breathing goddess – Kumari Devi, a deified young girl. The custom of worshipping a pre-pubescent girl, who is not a born goddess, as the source of supreme power is an old Hindu-Buddhist tradition that still continues to this day in Nepal.

The beautiful small country is also the land of festivals. There are more than 50 festivals celebrated in Nepal every year. While the national festivals have fixed dates, religious festivals are set by astrologers following the lunar calendar. The best part about the festivals in Nepal is that all the events are celebrated with the same enthusiasm and galore the way it used to be hundreds of years ago when people had no other means of entertainment. The food of Nepal is as diverse as the country itself. Nepalese food is famous for its nutrition level and tempting taste.




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