Everglades Lions Club Turkey Shoot

The Everglades Lions Club Turkey Shoot, held on March 4th and 5th, 2017, was another success!

Turkey Shoots are all about luck. Ten shooters sign up for a shoot, ranging from $2.00 to $50.00 each. Each shooter then shoots 1 shotgun shot at a target 25 feet away. The closest BB to the center of the target wins half of the pot, the other half going to the Club.

You can never tell who might win. Anyone from a young shooter aged 8 to experienced shooters aged 78 has a chance at winning.

It certainly is a family event. Often 3 generations attend together, visiting with neighbors and friends throughout the day. It's a great way for youngsters to experience shooting as a sport, in a safe, friendly atmosphere. Both Dads and Moms are there to help the kids hold the gun and tell them what to do.

Raffle tickets are sold ahead of time and at the event. Grand prizes were a Remington 12 gauge shotgun, Bear Crossbow and $400 Gift Card to Bass Pro. Door prizes were given away hourly, including fishing rods, lures, visors, gift certificates to local restaurants, among other goodies.

“I was impressed by the level of safety” says one attendee. Two Club members serve as Safety Officers; all guns are open and unloaded, only one shooter is allowed in the shooting area at a time, one shotgun shell is provided to the shooter on the range.

The Club members also sell food and drinks; hamburgers, hot dogs, and smoked mullet dip. The smoked mullet dip is a local favorite. “We catch it, we smoke it, we make it” says Everglades Lions Club Treasurer, Tammie Pernas.

The Chokoloskee Church of God Youth Group helps out gathering targets and putting up new ones for the next shoot.

This event has been held off and on by the Everglades Lions for many years. First held on the south edge of town (where lookouts had to hold off shooting when boats went by on the canal), then held north of town at the corner of US 41 and CR 29. The last 3 events have been held at the beautiful Altair Training Solutions site, just north of Everglades City, Florida. It's a perfect, safe, beautiful setting for an affair of this type.

The Everglades Lions Club would like to thank the generous sponsors: Oyster House Restaurant, Speedy’s Airboats, Capt. Jack’s Airboats, Grimm’s Seafood, Hamilton’s Seafood, Triad Seafood Restaurant, City Seafood Restaurant, Havana Café, Camellia Street Grill, Island Café, Win-Car Hardware, Outdoor Resorts Marina, Smallwood Store and Museum.

The next Turkey Shoot is planned for November, 2017.

The Everglades Lions Club supports the traditional Lions Club services areas of vision, hunger relief as well as local groups such as school fundraisers, the School Advisory Committee, Reach Out Everglades and specific needs of individuals in the community. Contact Everglades Lions Club President Vicky Wells at 239-695-2660 for more information.


Submitted by:

Everglades Lions Club Secretary Gerianne Freiberger

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