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What is Catch the Ace?

Catch the Ace is a progressive lottery that is based on participants purchasing tickets on- line for a weekly prize and then having the chance to win the progressive jack pot by getting the Ace of Spades. The Lions Club obtained a licence from Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) to operate this lottery.

 In our on-line version the weekly prize winner and the Ace will be randomly selected by the computer. At any time over the 52-week potential span of the draw, the Ace may be selected and the lottery will come to an end with the winner getting the money in the progressive pot.

Partner Profiles and Contacts



The Georgetown Lions were chartered in 1931 and have been one of the most active service clubs in the community. The club’s signature events are the Santa Claus Parade and the Citizen of the Year. The club has raised and donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to community services.

Contact Peter Wanner 416-918-6987


 The Kiwanis Club of Georgetown is dedicated to serving the local community through various service and fundraising projects. The club has been in service to our community for more than 50 years. The local club is  part of Kiwanis International, an organization serving children for over 100 years.  Signature event is the annual Lobsterfest. The club made a significant contribution to the Field of Dreams at Georgetown District High School.

Contact Sean Ashbee

The Rotary Club of Georgetown has provided outstanding service to the community for over 65 years. Our local club is part of Rotary International, chartered in 1905, currently with 1.4 million members worldwide. Together, we apply our skills and commitment to tackle our communities’ most persistent problems, finding new, effective ways to enhance health, stability, and prosperity within our local community and across the globe.  

Service projects undertaken locally include: Annual Seniors Dinner, honouring our Veterans each Remembrance Day, International Student Exchange Program, support for Youth Recreation and Services, and most notably our annual community tree planting and building an accessible playground at Dominion Gardens Park.


Contact Charles Veale


The club has been supporting our community for 50 years.  Part of Optimist International, an organization serving children and youth in their local communities for over 100 years.

From supporting Sports Clubs and Special Olympics, the Scouts, Air Cadets and Food4Kids as well as Links2Care and the Youth Drop-In Centers, annual Cross-Country-Run and organizing and holding the annual Santa Calling Program and many more...

Contact Olaf Krahmer


Frequently Asked Questions.

 What is a Catch the Ace raffle?

Catch the Ace is a progressive jackpot, multiple-draw, weekly raffle in which ticketholders have the chance to win a Weekly Prize and the Catch the Ace Jackpot.

How are the Weekly Prize and Progressive Jackpot determined and won?

The Weekly Prize is 20% of ticket sales collected during a specific draw week. The Catch the Ace Progressive Jackpot is 30% of all ticket sales collected over the course of the multi-week campaign.

When are the deadlines for the Catch the Ace Raffle ticket sales?

Weekly sales will be cut off at 5:30pm every Friday. If the Ace of Spades is not revealed during that evening’s draw, sales for the following week will commence on the same evening.

Is every part of the Catch the Ace Raffle managed through a digital platform?

All aspects of the Catch the Ace Raffle are managed using a digital platform, or software program, that has been approved by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario. 

There is no paper generated during this raffle. Everything is digital, including

  • Tickets and ticket distribution
  • Envelopes containing playing cards
  • Draw process and management

What percentage of the raffle proceeds are directed to Georgetown Lions Club/Service Club Partners?

Fifty percent of all raffle proceeds are retained by Service Clubs less other raffle costs, are used in the community.

 Can I buy tickets that qualify for more than one weekly draw?

Tickets may only be purchased for the upcoming weekly draw. Ticket subscriptions and multiple week purchases are not permitted by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario, at this time.

Who may not purchase Catch the Ace Raffle tickets?

The following persons are prohibited from purchasing Catch the Ace Raffle tickets:

  • Employees of registered gaming suppliers
  • Members of the steering committee of Catch the Ace Halton
  • Members of the same household for each of the above

 I am trying to order my ticket. Why isn't it going through?

You must be located in the province of Ontario when ordering a ticket. Please ensure your location services are enabled so your location can be confirmed by the raffle program.

How is the winning ticket determined?

A single ticket is selected each week using a random number generator program within the raffle platform. The winning ticket is selected from all tickets purchased during the week of sales.  

 Is there a guaranteed winner every week?

Each week of the raffle, the Weekly Prize will be awarded to one winner. The Weekly Prize is 20% of all ticket sales collected during that week of play.

Is there a guaranteed Progressive Jackpot in this raffle?

No, each week 20% of ticket sales will be awarded. The amount of the progressive jack pot will Increase each week with 30% of sales held to the final draw of the Ace of Spades.

 Do I win a prize if I selected the same envelope as the Weekly Prize winner, and it contains the Ace of Spades?

Only the holder of the Weekly Prize-winning ticket is eligible to win the Catch the Ace Progressive Jackpot. Any given week, numerous ticketholders could select the same envelope number when buying their tickets.

 How will the winner be notified?

All winners will be notified by telephone and/or email as to their win and how to claim their prize. All winning ticket numbers and prize amounts will be posted on the Catch the Ace website following each draw.

Prizes will be awarded to the registered ticket buyer.








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