In early June Glastonbury and Street Lions Club together with Somerset Music put on the Mid Somerset Musical Spectacular at Strode Theatre.
This series of concerts features young people from local schools, music groups and dance groups performing on a professional stage, often for the first time.
It is three years since the last concerts and it was a delight to be able to welcome back talented young people from our area to showcase their skills and to share their enthusiasm and enjoyment of music, song and dance.
Once again the audience on each evening was able to marvel at and appreciate the capability and mastery of these children in their singing, musical instrument playing and dance.
The Lions Club and Somerset Music would like to express their grateful thanks to the children and their tutors for supporting these concerts and a big thank you to all the parents, families and friends who formed the enthusiastic and supportive audience on each evening.
The concerts raised in excess of £1000 and these proceeds will be donated to children related causes in our area.
The Mid Somerset Musical Spectacular is back and we look forward to the series in 2023 with renewed excitement!


The club is delighted to announce that an entry to our our club's Peace Poster Competition has been awarded first prize in the District Competition for the south west of England.
The entry painted by Enid from Millfield Prep School will now go forward to the national competition.
Thank you to all those pupils who submitted posters in this year's competition and we hope to see many more taking part next autumn.
Details will be available on this website or by contacting our Club Secretary

At a time when youngsters were not all attending school the Club decided to organise a Short Story Writing for Fun Competition. The format was either a word document, other text document or a scanned hand-written copy to ensure it was open to all our younger members of the community.

Children aged between five and thirteen years of age from nine schools participated so the entries were split into two groups and prizes were awarded to two groups.

The younger group was won by Georgia from King Ina Church of England Academy and the older age group winner was Olivia from Ashcott Primary School.

Here are their stories:

The Girl who Shares

Georgia - Aged 5

Skewbald Star

The sun was setting over the horizon. The late summer evening was warm, and Dartmoor was teeming with life. Hares were nibbling on the fresh grass, the birds were soaring and the foxes were hunting. A small herd of Dartmoor ponies were grazing by lake deepwater. They had no idea of the danger they were in.  Something was watching them from in between the bracken. It was getting ready to pounce when it herd another sound approaching. The ponies were safe. For now. The creature stalked of just in time for a young girl had climbed a nearby tree and was watching the ponies. Her name was Gabriela. Gabby for short. Her long, wavy, waist length brown hair, was blowing behind her back in the slight breeze. Her green eyes shone as she watched the ponies. She loved watching them play and graze. Her eyes were drawn to a beautiful skewbald stallion. He was utterly gorgeous. He was 14.2 hands high, the tallest of his herd, his dark brown and white mane and his chestnut and white coat made him look like someone had painted him.she could of watched him all day but her dog, Chester, her three year old Cockapoo was running towards her, barking and scaring the ponies away. The skewbald stallion rounded up his herd and the last thing Gabby saw was there tails streaming behind them as they galloped away.

The next morning Gabby was sitting in bed waiting for her mother to shout “GABBY GRAND! GET READY FOR SCHOOL!” When she realised it was the start of the summer holidays! Six weeks with no school! Gabby got dressed grabbed some toast and was about to go outside when her mother stopped her. “Gabby! We’re are you going at seven in the morning!” Sarah Grand shouted at her daughter. “I’m going to see the ponies.” She said whilst she filled her bag with carrots. “Ok.” Grace agreed. “Thanks mum!” She shouted as she ran out side. She decided to text Zoe, her BFF who had two Dartmoor ponies. Zoe arrived ten minutes later with Coco and Zazoo. Coco was a brown Dartmoor pony and Zazoo was skewbald. Gabby liked him because he reminded her of the wild skewbald stallion. They rode for half an hour before they found the ponies. They sat on a hill next to were they were grazing and had a picnic. “Gabs.” Zoe began “guess what! Dad says I can have a new pony! He’s coming next week! He’s and Arabian called Fearless Flight!” Gabby tried to sound happy for Zoe when really she felt envious of her friend. “Wow! That’s great!” She said unenthusiastically. Zoe frowned at how Gabby didn’t give as much enthusiasm as she should. “Is something wrong?” She said trying to keep the hurt out of her voice. “Sorry it’s just well…” Gabby trailed of “you already have two ponies and well…” “Oh sorry Gabby.” Zoe gushed “I didn’t mean to…” “it’s fine!” Gabby grinned. “It’ll be fun with a new pony!” Gabby then saw a black blur out of the side of her eye. “Zoe! The ponies!” She screamed! A gigantic shape was chasing the wild ponies! It was large and scary but they only saw it for a split second before it disappeared into the bracken.

That night Gabby couldn’t stop thinking about that strange creature. She hoped the skewbald stallion would be ok. She dreamed of her riding him that night. She galloped him throughout the moors urging him on he galloped beneath her. Soon they stoped to drink from a stream when the mystery creature lunged at the stallion. Gabby woke with a start. She was panting and sweating. A nightmare. Gabby’s mum was by her side. Having nightmares about Grace?

Grace was Gabby’s twin sister. When her mum and dad gasped a divorce her dad had taken Grace and her mum had taken her. Ever since she had been having nightmares about losing her. Her dad hadn’t been in touch with them for five months now. Gabby was starting to think she would never see Grace again. They had always been close. Sharing secrets and riding ponies. They had even shared a pony. Joy, there little Fjord pony had been there pony until the divorce then they had sold her. “Um yeah.” Gabby tried to convince her mother. “Ok.” She said reluctantly leaving the room. “G night mum” Gabby called. “Good-night Gabby!” Her mum replied. “G night Skewbald stallion…” Gabby whispered before drifting of into sleep…

One week later……

Gabby still hadn’t found out what the creature was. Zoe’s new horse was here so Gabby was hearing nonstop Zoe telling her how epic he was. Life had been going down hill since the sighting of the predator on the moors. Worse still there was only three weeks left of the holidays! Gabby thought it couldn’t be any worse when Zoe text her saying exactly this:

Guess what! There are some people going to round up the Dartmoor pony herd near us! Your skewbald friend will find a nice home away from pony eating monsters! :)

That message made Gabby’s heart sink. Now she wouldn’t see the skewbald stallion again! Unless…..

Gabby’s idea was crazy. She was going to catch the wild pony on her own, hide him until the people had rounded up all the ponies, then free him again. It sounded so simple. That night she was creeping up on the skewbald stallion. Come on I can do this! She thought in her mind. I have to save him! She suddenly was running towards the ponies. They spooked and started galloping away but Gabby was already ready for them she only just got the rope on the pony. He spooked. He started galloping after his herd, dragging Gabby with him. She couldn’t let go of the rope. If she did she would never see him again. But if she did hold on she could risk being trampled to death. But instead of depositing Gabby behind him the skewbald did a remarkable thing. He gave a sudden lurch and Gabby was catapulted onto his back! He didn’t buck her of. Instead her galloped like a race horse, galloping so fast Gabby’s eyes streamed! They galloped for some time before he finally stoped for a drink at a stream. “You’re a star!” Gabby beamed at him throwing her arm around his neck. “That’s what I’ll call you. Star.” Star seemed to agree with his new name and started nodding his head viciously making Gabby laugh. They were interrupted by a low feline growl. A black panther emerged from the bracken. The ponies ran away with fear but Star wouldn’t leave Gabby here with this beast. The cat launched itself onto his rump. Stars eyes blazed with fear as he tried to throw this predator from his back. “STAR!” Gabby screamed! Star threw the panther from his back then Gabby leaped on. “Get us out of here Star!” The cat gave chase but couldn’t keep up. Soon they had lost him.

As Gabby and Star stopped outside Gabby’s house. Dawn was just breaking over the horizon, it seemed so calm and yet Gabby’s heart was still racing after the encounter with the black panther. Gabby then realised that Star would be caught today and would escape that feline monster. But she would still miss him. “Good-bye Skewbald Star!” Gabby called after her knew friend as he galloped away until he was a speck on the horizon.

The next day was when Star and his herd were to be sold in an auction. Gabby was dreading not seeing him again, but her mother could never afford him. Her phone pinged. It was a text of Zoe.

Hey Gabs! Guess what! I’m getting a new Pony! Isn’t it gr8! :)

Gabby then had an idea. Zoe could buy Star! She quickly text Zoe telling her the situation. Her text response wasn’t great. Or should I say gr8?!

Sos Gabs. I’m not aloud stallions.sos:(

Gabby’s  heart sank. Now what!

At the auction everyone had there eyes on the prize. The prize was the best ponies. Zoe was trembling with excitement next to Gabby. “I can’t believe I’m getting a new pony!” She shrieked with excitement. Gabby tried to look happy for her but she couldn’t imagine a world without Skewbald Star. “Let’s say you did get the skewbald.” Zoe said interrupting her thoughts “what would you call him?” “He would be a showjumper called Skewbald Star.” She said from her heart. “Zoe’s new pony turned out to be a lovely little black mare. “What are you going to call her?” Gabby asked “Ebony!” Zoe replied! “Doesn’t it  suit her!”

The bidding went on of another hour before Star came on. He looked frightened and agitated. Gabby couldn’t watch. She ran from her seat and ran across the moor back home.

That afternoon her mum came back and said “were moving.” Gabby was horrified. She didn’t want to move! “We’re to.” She said knowing it was far from here “oh just down the road.” She said “Phew!” Gabby let out a breath of relief. Her mum then said “let’s go there now.”

The new house was bigger with a paddock and stable for a horse. Gabby thought it was empty until she heard the whinny of a horse. She ran over to the stable and saw…

Skewbald Star.

Olivia - Aged 10


Strode Theatre in Street hosted the 31st Mid Somerset Musical Spectacular recently.  Organised by the club together with Somerset Music it attracted over 220 youngsters to entertain an appreciative and enthusiastic audience.

The Junior Orchestra from COSMIC began the evening with a rendition of some familiar numbers.  Ashcott School Choir followed with two sympathetically performed songs and their whole class Ukulele Ensemble then joined the choir for two beautifully sung numbers.  Later in the evening the school band played three numbers that got everyone’s feet tapping.

Ashcott Primary School

Charlton Mackrell School entertained with both their Chamber Choir and the school orchestra whose piece Monolithic Madness was composed by pupil Alfie Carie.

Charlton Mackrell Primary School

Topaz Dance Studio displayed a number of skills during their performance including a superb solo by one of their members and the dancers wore some magnificent costumes.  Walton Clarinet Group brought a bit of blues to the evening playing under the direction of Louise Palmer. 

The School Choir from St Joseph and St Teresa sang three songs clearly and melodically with plenty of action in their last number, Let’s Go Fly A Kite, gaily waving their coloured kites.

St Joseph & St Teresa Catholic Primary School

St Aldhelm’s School Year 4 Whole Class Brass under the direction of Keith Thomas took to the stage playing five numbers demonstrating their improving skills that included a solo by Olivia Comer.

St Aldhelm's Primary School

The South West School of Dance came up with a polished set with strong vocals and contemporary choreography starting with a beautiful solo by Olivia Kerton and two familiar and upbeat numbers that included solos by Martha Gilby and Mariella O’Connell.  The costumes were particularly colourful and added to the performance.

A school not recently represented at the Mid Somerset Musical Spectacular, Priddy and St Lawrence’s Federation, introduced their choir who sang three songs, some melodic and others more upbeat.  They produced a very sharp and polished sound under the direction of Katrine Reimers.

Priddy & St Lawrence's Federation

A wide age range of youngsters from Stagecoach Performing Arts sang and danced their way through two lively numbers that provided a suitable finale to the evening sending the audience home happy.

A spokesman for the club said “It was disappointing this year that fewer schools were able to support this concert but the quality was in no way affected.  Remarkable talents of our local youngsters were on shown and together with Somerset Music we are delighted to be able to give so many of them the opportunity to perform on a professional stage.  We thank them all together with their teachers, tutors and parents”.


At a recent club business meeting the Lions Club of Glastonbury and Street presented a cheque for £756 to Somerset Music.

The donation was made up of part of the proceeds of the 30th Mid Somerset Musical Spectacular that took place at Strode Theatre in June and was widely featured in this newspaper at the time.  Organised by the Lions Club of Glastonbury and Street and Somerset Music it attracted in excess of 300 youngsters to entertain appreciative audiences over two nights.

Somerset Music offers a wide range of services to children and young people across the county, including instrument hire, whole class tuition, progression through large group tuition at key stage 2 and music therapy.

The youngsters aged between 5 and 18 who performed at the concerts came from fourteen schools and music clubs in the Mid Somerset area entertaining the audiences with music, song and dance.

A spokesman for the Lions said “The concerts were superbly supported once again and as a result we were able to donate half the proceeds to Somerset Music and the other half will be donated to various youth related projects in our area.  We are very grateful to Somerset Music and in particular Keith Thomas for organising this series of concerts with us.”

This year’s Mid Somerset Musical Spectacular will take place at Strode Theatre on Monday 17th and Tuesday 18th June.


The club is delighted to announce the winner of our Peace Poster Competition this year is Katy Farmer of Millfield Prep School.

Pupils from Crispin School, Millfield Prep School and St Dunstans School took part in the competition that had a theme of "Kindness Matters".

Katy's poster goes forward to the district competition featuring entries from Lions Clubs in Somerset, Devon and Cornwall.  That winning poster will then be judged against others from Great Britain with the final choice going in to the international competition.

The international competition is open to over 45000 Lions Clubs in over 200 countries around the world.




Left to right Lion Chris Ford, Jackie Foley of STAR, Lion President Rod Speed, Keith Thomas of Somerset Music and Liz Leyshon Manager of Strode Theatre
Memories of the Mid Somerset Spectacular Concerts were rekindled recently when the proceeds of the series of concerts at Strode Theatre were presented to two local organisations.
The concerts spread over three nights saw more than 500 youngsters from across Mendip showcasing their musical skills.  The concerts covered all tastes from traditional to contemporary, classical to pop plus a samba band from Coxley Primary School playing recycled instruments.
The beneficiaries of the concerts this year were Somerset Music and STAR (Somerset Trust for Arts and Recreation).  The former jointly organise the concerts with the Lions Club of Glastonbury and Street and their service aims to inspire young people from all of Somerset to make music together.  They deliver music lessons to all group sizes and ensembles and arrange events, conferences, workshops and bespoke training for all musical tuition needs.  STAR’s aim is to provide opportunities through music, art, sport and recreation to some of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged young people in the county.
A Lions spokesman, Lion Chris Ford, said “This series of concerts has been firmly established in the local school’s calendars for many years and we never cease to be enthralled by the talent of our local children.  As ever the club is indebted to Keith Thomas of Somerset Music and Liz Leyshon of Strode Theatre for their support and expertise in helping us put on the three concerts.”


A group of young swimmers from the Street area are in training to swim the English Channel next summer.  The six youngsters who call themselves the Channel Swimmers are currently raising £3600 to cover the costs of the escort boat and all the safety procedures that have to be undertaken for the crossing.

They received a boost to their fund raising efforts when the Lions Club of Glastonbury and Street recently presented them with a cheque for £500.  

The group are being trained by Paul Chillingworth and Kat Baker, who has herself swum the channel so, brings plenty of experience to help the team.  They train indoors at Strode Pool and are appreciative of the support of Fusion and undertake open water training.  The latter is especially important to build up their confidence and technique as they will be swimming in relays in the Channel and have to swim in standard swimming costumes.

They are undertaking their own fund raising campaign that started at Merriman Park Fun Day with a stall offering lots of games and activities and they have other activities planned including a cake sale.  The surplus money that they raise prior to and after the swim will be donated to the Make a Wish Foundation.  If anyone wants further details or would like to support the Channel Swimmers please contact Paul Chillingworth of Street Swimming Club on

Peter Cole of the Lions said “We were very impressed by the attitude of these six youngsters to their task of raising the funds to achieve their goal of swimming the English Channel.  We wish them every success and look forward to hearing about their completed crossing next summer.”



 The club invited pupils at Avalon School, Street to take part in our own peace poster competition this year.  The school used it as an opportunity to get all pupils sharing their ideas and thoughts on peace in the world, including having a special assembly to promote the theme of "power of peace".

 The President Rod Speed and youth officer Ian Kindon visited the school for an assembly to present certificates of appreciation to the youngsters who had participated.


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