A small group of members were out litter-picking in Glastonbury recently.
We were in the B&Q roundabout area and in a short period of time amassed half a dozen bags of litter.  Some might say not a lot but as the expression goes "every little helps".
We will be out again next month in the same area at 10.00 on Thursday 16th March meeting in B&Q’s car-park.

We would love to have some help – you only need to make sure you wear some stout shoes or boots and have a pair of gloves.  The Lions will provide “grabbers”, and bags as well as plan for the litter to be collected.

If you want more information or have any questions please either call 0345 833 6714 or e-mail


To mark World Sight Day on Thursday 13th October members of the club visited St Benedict's School in Glastonbury to give year 6 pupils the opportunity to experience a little how one lives with blindness.

Nearly fifty pupils from the Peacocks and Leopards classes took part in various activities during the afternoon including leading each other around the playground, using a white cane (a garden cane with a table tennis ball on the end!) and playing with footballs with small bells in them.  Whilst tackling all these activities the youngsters were wearing blackout goggles.

At the end of the afternoon the children were asked to use words to describe their experience, examples of which were weird, scary, noisy, unfortunate, fun. Many showed empathy with those who have little or no sight.

The club would like to thank headteacher Piers Ranger and his staff for inviting us in to their school and we hope that the youngsters appreciated the experience of blindness.

One of our memebrs, Ian Burt, even took part!