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Members of Lions Clubs International
Multiple District 22 and District 22B


(Rising Sun Lions)

P.O. Box 1134
Rising Sun, Maryland 21911
United States of America
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 We appreciate the Community that "We Serve"
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Information about Us
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Club Charter

We were chartered on June 13, 1932 having been sponsored by the Quarryville PA Lions Club, and in turn have been the sponsor of the Perryville MD Lions Club (April 28, 1944), the Port Deposit Lions Club (February 17, 1947), the North East MD Lions Club (March 27, 1947), and the Conowingo Lions Club (January 1, 2000).


Our Ninteen Charter Members
(as they appear on  our Club's Charter) 

Dr. Richard C. Dodson Willis L. Ely
Cecil E. Ewing David T. Reed
Harry M. Dinsmore J. Earl Tyson
Arthur J. Dinsmore George Alger
Marlin U. Zimmerman John C. Hindman
Evans E. Ewing Norris J. Reynolds
Thomas J. Riale Clarence W. Ashby
Asher Roberson J. Paul Slaybaugh
Francis M. Kennard Lawson C. Tosh
  Clifford E. Marker

We were chartered on June 13, 1932 as "The Lions Club of Rising Sun" and have since been incorporated within the State of Maryland, USA as "The Lions Club of Rising Sun, Inc."  We are colloqually known as "The Rising Sun Lions Club" or simply as "Rising Sun Lions". 
We are members of Lions District 22B which is comprised of the Lions in the nine counties on the Eastern Shore of Maryland; and we are members of Multiple District 22 , which is comprised of all of the Lions in Maryland, Delaware and the District of Columbia. 
We are also members of Lions Clubs International, which is the world's largest service organization represented by a network of more than One Million Three Hundred Fifty Thousand men and women in over 200 countries and geographic areas, who work together to answer the needs that challenge communities around the world.


Mission Statement
To empower volunteers, through our Lions Club, to serve their community and meet humanitarian needs, by focusing on initiatives that benefit  fellow citizens, enhance the community, and improve the eyesight and general well being of people, locally nationally and internationally.

Tax Status, Contributions & Gifts
We are categorized as a Non-Profit, 501(c)(4) Social Welfare Organization, incorporated within the State of Maryland as The Lions Club of Rising Sun, Inc.  
Contributions or gifts to The Lions Club of Rising Sun, Inc. are NOT Tax Deductible for U.S. Federal Income Tax purposes.

Use of Monetary Receipts Policy
Our Lions Club does not deduct any administration fees nor do we allow any funds received from the public to inure to the benefit of The Lions Club of Rising Sun or to any officer, director or member thereof.  
100% of all proceeds in excess of the costs of our fundraisers and 100% of all donations received from the public are used to benefit worthwhile services, non-profit causes and needy individuals.  
The administration and operational costs of our Lions Club are 100% funded by our Member Lions through membership dues and fees.

2015-16 District 22B Governor's Awards
Our Lions Club received the following District 22B Governor's awards at the May 16-19, 2016 Multiple District 22 Convention in Hagerstown, MD:  a Five Star Club Award, a 100% Secretary Award, a First Place Visitation Award, a First Place Outstanding Club Website Award, a Second Place Membership Recruitment Award, and a Second Place Outstanding Vision Programming Award.  
The awards were delivered on June 16, 2016 by PDG Lion Oakley Sumpter and presented by Lion Colleen Chamberlain, both of whom are members of the Perryville Lions Club.
(click photo for a larger view)
photo by Lion Dale Lofthouse           


Past Presidents
Name Year     Name Year   
*Dr. Richard C. Dodson
*Kenneth Clutter
*Dr. Richard C. Dodson
Charles Feil Jr.
*Dr. Richard C. Dodson
Joseph Brown Jr.
*Dr. Richard C. Dodson
*Ronald Schmidt Sr.
*Dr. Richard C. Dodson
Robert Foard Jr.
*Norris Reynolds
Barry Cameron
*Marlin Zimmerman
Herman Warton Jr.
*John C. Hindman
James Crothers
*John C. Hindman
Edward Benjamin
*Rev. Joe Dickerson
George Klusak
*Harvey W. Ewing
Kenneth Graybeal
*Harvey W. Ewing
Terrence Wolf
*John Bodine
*Floyd Allred Jr.
*Francis Kennard
William Page
*Charles Crothers
Robert Fisher
*William Graham
Fred Jenkins
*Charles T. Ritchie
Joseph Cloud
*Joseph B. Dugan
Edward Baker
*Walter Cameron
William Fossett
*Herman Slaybaugh
David Price
*Alton Bell
Cecil Gough
*William Buck
PDG Daniel Graham
*Walter Oram
*John McAndrew
*Wilson Ewing
Dana L. Fritts
*Carl Hanson
Sallie Teague
*Danial Frazer
Joseph Fritts
*Dr. Richard C. Dodson
Richard Montgomery
*Breece Nelson
Robert Lucas
*Daniel Hall
Elbert Shirey
*Raymond Scheck
Bradley Davis
*Robert H. Cameron
Harry Barnes
*Chalmers McFerren
Paul Elwood
Dr. Charles Brandenburg
Robert Probst
*William Gunthler
Mary Beth Jackson
*Charlton Poist
Harry Barnes
*William McNamee
Ellen Lucas
*Marion Rawlings
Gem Gibney
*Maurice Thompson
*Paul Scanlan
*Joseph Ruello
Darwin Struble
*PDG Robert H. Cameron
Robert Shallcross
Eugene Uhlan 1974-1975      
Howard McFadden 1975-1976      
*Hale Harrington 1976-1977      
Gerald Newman 1977-1978      
*Raymond Stewart 1978-1979      
*Charlton Poist 1979-1980      

indicates deceased




Our Coffee Pot
(Constructed in 1937)

The Coffee Pot represents our commitment to "Service and Charity", and was conceived by one of our now deceased members, Lion Bill McNamee, in early 1937. It was built by Howard Wilson (Bill’s Uncle) with help from Bill, Charlie Ritchie, Cliff Marker and other members and supporters of our Club in what was then the Wilson & McNamee Garage between Cooper and Buckley Avenues, on the north side of West Main Street in Rising Sun Maryland.

It was originally used as a portable Hot Dog and Coffee vending booth in the period following the Great Depression, and has undergone several renovations since originally constructed.  Because it is unique, we have adopted it as a Club mascot, and while we no longer use it for food vending, we do tow it in parades and display it at various events throughout the local area to promote awareness of our Lions Club and to generate public interest and support for the charitable work that we do.  

The Coffee Pot's Origin
(in photographs)
Original Concept doodle on
the back of a bank deposit slip in 1937
A more refined Drawing on a
9" x 12" manila envelope, later in 1937
drawing by Lion Bill McNamee   drawing by Lion Bill McNamee

Lion William (Bill) McNamee was responsible for the Coffee Pot concept and design


 Howard Wilson (R) was the primary builder of the Coffee Pot, with help from Charlie Ritchie (C), Cliff Marker (L) and probably other unnamed individuals

photographer unknown   photographer unknown
Historical photograph believed to have been taken circa 1940
(Pot was less than 5 yrs old)
More recent photograph taken 
in June 2007 (Pot was 70 yrs old)
photographer unknown   photo by Lion Dale Lofthouse




Lions Clubs International
LCIF and Lions Video
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(Donations to LCIF are Tax deductible for Federal Imcome Tax purposes)



Lions Clubs International
Centennial Videos
Video #1:  The Founding                                 
(from Lions Quarterly Magazine - published January 2015)
Video #2:  The Impact of Melvin Jones           
(from Lions Quarterly Magazine - published April 2015)
Video #3:  A Glimpse of the First 100 Years     
(from Lions Quarterly Magazine - published July 2015) 
Video #4:  Knights of the Blind                        
(from Lions Quarterly Magazine - published October 2015) 
Video #5:  Growth and Expansion 
(from Lions Quarterly Magazine - published January 2016)


Timeline of Updates & Additions
(Log has embedded links to the most recent year of changes)
Date Posted
( Descending )
Descriptions & Direct Links
 Click on any link to view the listed item 
   - JANUARY 2017 -   
Jan. 18, 2017 Update:  Eyeglasses & Hearing Aids Collection Totals No
Jan. 18, 2017 Add:  12-31-2016 Club Website Visits Report No
Jan. 13, 2017 Fundraiser:  Annual Ham & Oyster Dinner - April 7, 2017 No
Jan. 2, 2017 Add:  12-31-16 Healthcare Equip. Lending Summary No
   - DECEMBER 2016 -   
Dec 28, 2016 Update:  Lions Club Roster Book - Membership Changes Yes
Dec 28, 2016 Update:  Club Members List No
Dec 27, 2016 Add:  District 22B Newsletter - December 2016 Yes
Dec 15, 2016 Add:  Person of Year - Dawn Deckman  Photo #1  Photo #2 No
Dec 5, 2016 Add:  FY2015-16 Cashflow & Balance - Unaudited Report Yes
   - NOVEMBER 2016 -   
Nov 28, 2016 Add:  Lions Club Prayer Role - Lion Jim Powell Yes
Nov 25, 2016 Add:  District 22B Newsletter - November 2016 Yes
Nov 5, 2016 Add:  Old Dominion Electric Cooperative makes a donation No
Nov 2, 2016 NOTICE:  LEADER DOG needs puppy raisers - more info here No
   - OCTOBER 2016 -   
Oct 28, 2016 Add:  Oct. 28, 2016  RSES Vision Screening Info & photo No
Oct 24, 2016 Update:  Lions Club New Members - Joined  Oct. 20, 2016 Yes
Oct 24, 2016 Update:  Lions Club Member Lions No
Oct 24, 2016 Update:  Lions Club Member List - Updated Oct. 20, 2016 Yes
Oct 24, 2016 Update:  Lions Club Roster Book - FY2016-2017 - #5 Yes
Oct 24, 2016 Add:  District 22B Newsletter - October 2016 Yes
   - SEPTEMBER 2016 -   
Sep 23, 2016 Update:  Meeting Start Times on website and forms No
Sep 22, 2016 Update:  Kids Sight Forms  - for Vision Screener use Yes
Sep 22, 2016 Update:  Club Forms  - for Secretary & some Member use Yes
Sep 22, 2016 Add:  District 22B Newsletter - September 2016 Yes
Sep 20, 2016 Update:  District 22B Roster Book - 2016-2017 Edition Yes
   - AUGUST 2016 -  
Aug 15, 2016 Update:  Club Secretary Name and Contact information No
   - JULY 2016 -   
July 28, 2016 Corrected:  Dinner & Business Meeting Times & Dates No
July 12, 2016 Add:  Cecil Co. Kids Sight Screening Report - FY2015-16 Yes
July 7, 2016 Update:  06-30-16 Website Usage Volume Report No
July 1, 2016 Update:  Officer Information on Contact Us page No
   - JUNE 2016 -   
June 24, 2016 Update:  Tax Status, Contributions & Gifts Disclosure No
June 21, 2016 Add:  District 22B Newsletter - June 2016 No
June 18, 2016 Update:  Dinner Reservations - Instructions & Details Yes
June 18, 2016 Update:  Officer Information on Contact Us page No
June 18, 2016 Update:  Thursday Meeting Meal dates on Home Page No
June 16, 2016 Add:  2016-2017 Officers and Directors Photo to Gallery No
June 16, 2016 Add:  2016-2017 District 22B Governor's Awards Photo No
June 5, 2016 Add:  June 4, 2016  Sunfest Parade Info & Photo No
June 5, 2016 Add:  June 4, 2016  Sunfest Raffle Stand Info & Photo No
   - MAY 2016 -   
May  21, 2016 Add:  LCI Adult & Child Photo Release Forms - Forms Yes
May  21, 2016 Add:  District 22B Newsletter - May 2016 No
May  19, 2016 Add:  Photo of Rising Sun Peace Poster Contest Winner No
May  19, 2016 Add:  Photo of Donation to Tome School Nicaragua Trip No
   - APRIL 2016 -   
Apr.  23, 2016 Add:  April 22, 2016  Ham & Oyster Dinner Info & Photos No
Apr.  21, 2016 Add:  District 22B Newsletter - April 2016 Yes
Apr.  16, 2016 Add:  April 16, 2016  Little League Parade Info & Photo No
Apr.  15, 2016 Add:  April 14, 2016  RSES Vision Screening Info & photo No
Apr.  13, 2016 Add:  April 12, 2016 Calvert Manor Bingo Info No
Apr.  3, 2016 Add:  Kids Sight Vision Documents - Forms & Guidelines Yes
   - MARCH 2016 -   
Mar. 20, 2016 Add:  District 22B Newsletter - March 2016 Yes
Mar. 12, 2016 Add:  FY2014-15 Financial - Audit Report Yes
Mar.  7, 2016 Update:  Member List showing current member names No
   - FEBRUARY 2016 -   
Feb. 27, 2016 Add:  Services - Cecil Co. Rotating Homeless Shelter No
Feb. 25, 2016 Add:  District 22B Newsletter - February 2016 Yes
Feb. 20, 2016 Add:  Mailing Address. & Email link - to Club Prayer Role Yes
Feb. 19, 2016 Update:  Member Messages  Next Mtg. Date / Reminder Yes
Feb. 19, 2016 Update:  Services - Highway Cleanup - Discontinued No
Feb. 14, 2016 Add:  Members of Our Family - to Club Prayer Role Yes
   - JANUARY 2016 -    
Jan. 20, 2016 Add:  District 22B Newsletter - January 2016 Yes
Jan. 15, 2016 Add:  "Growth & Expansion" Centennial Video #5 No
Jan. 10, 2016 Update:  Information about Us on Public Home page No
   - DECEMBER  2015 -   
Dec. 29, 2015 Add:  Lions Jim & Marilyn Powell - 2015 Lions of the Year Yes
Dec. 29, 2015 Add:  Calvert Manor Bingo December photo No
Dec. 28, 2015 Add:  FY2014-15 Cashflow & Balance - Audited Report Yes
Dec. 21, 2015 Add:  District 22B Newsletter - December 2015 Yes
Dec. 16, 2015 Add:  Christmas Stocking Project and photo No
Dec. 14, 2015 Update:  Kids Sight Vision Screening form letters No
Dec. 14, 2015 Update:  Upcoming Events Information No
Dec. 12, 2015 Update:  Meetings and Meals disclosure for 2016 No
Dec.  5, 2015 Update:  Information about Us No
   - NOVEMBER  2015  -   
Nov. 21, 2015 Add:  District 22B Newsletter - November 2015 Yes
Nov. 14, 2015 MEMORIAL:  Lion Janet Montgomery  to Lion Memorials Yes
   - OCTOBER  2015 -   
Oct. 28, 2015 Add:  Christmas Raffle Poster & Ticket Purchase info. No
Oct. 27, 2015 Add:  Bazaar in the Barn description and photo No
Oct. 23, 2015 Update:  Member List, Member  Lions & Roster Book Yes
Oct. 23, 2015 Add:  Photo of donation to Scout Troop #143 No
Oct. 23, 2015 Add:  District 22B Newsletter - October 2015 Yes
Oct. 20, 2015 Add:  Old Dominion Electric Cooperative makes a donation No
Oct.  9, 2015 Add:  BSA Troop #143 to Supporter Recognition page No
Oct.  7, 2015 Update:  New Officers cover photo on Facebook pages No
Oct.  7, 2015 Add:  Old Dominion Electric Cooperative becomes partner No
Oct.  5, 2015 Add:  Ag-Industrial Incoroporated makes a donation No
Oct.  2, 2015 Add:  "Knights of the Blind" Centennial Video #4 No
Oct.  1, 2015 Update:  Several Photos in Photo Gallery No



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