• Our club provides leadership and funding to organizations in Brookfield and around the state of CT. 
  • Please read through this committee list and consider volunteering your time and talents in support of one or more of our activities. 
  • For further information, please contact a member of the board or your sponsor. 
  • We encourage everyone to reach their full potential as a Brookfield Lion through creativity, leadership, camaraderie, philanthropy, and community service in the spirit of our motto, "We Serve".
Adult and Pediatric Screening Program

J. Rocky

C. Nielsen

K. Nielsen

  • Eye screenings at area schools and Lions Club events..  
  • Small amount of "on the job" training necessary for equipment.
  • Volunteers assist with working with the computer, the eye screening camera and the distribution of the completed reports.  
  • Year round, but concentrated during the school calendar year.
Lions Low Vision Center R.Groski
  • Reading devices, training and assistance for the visually impaired
Fidelco, Guiding Eyes R.Cronin
  • Training of guide dogs for visually impaired and autistic individuals
Eyeglass Collection

L. Lyon

M. Lyon

  • Eyeglass collection and distribution to those in need
CRIS Radio  
  • Statewide radio broadcasts of audio readings for the visually impaired
CLERF K. Nielsen
  • CT Lions Eye Research Foundation for vision research projects


Food Drive


  • Collection of food at various locations.  
  • All proceeds donated to the Brookfield Food Pantry.
  • Volunteers promote, accept donations and help deliver to the Food Pantry.  
Lions Community Garden K. Hlavac     
  • Oversee the assignment of garden plots.  
  • Coordinate the spring and fall clean up dates.  
  • Oversee the day to day issues occurring at the Community Garden.  
  • Volunteers work with committee and garden plot owners on an as needed basis.  
  • February through November.
Memorial Day Parade

R. Montgomery

S. Slater

L. Peck

  • Contact organizations that will participate in the annual parade.
  • Coordinate the line-up of the participants.
  • Coordinate the volunteers to assist with traffic control and line-up of organizations and participants.
  • Volunteers help from April through May.
Senior Picnic and Brooks Quarry D. Moissonnier
  • Coordinate the purchasing of food and drinks for the residents.
  • Coordinate the volunteers to assist setting up and serving the food.
  • Volunteers help with purchasing, setting up, serving and clean up on event day.  
  • July and early Fall.
Baked Potato Festival R.Pitcher
  • Coordinate picking up the potatoes, cleaning and wrapping all potatoes in aluminum foil.  
  • Cook and serve at the event.  
  • Volunteers prepare, cook, and distribute the potatoes at the first Town outdoor concert.  Mid-June.
Graduation Party   
  • Clean up of the All Night party after High School graduation.
  • 3 to 4 hours starting at 5:00 a.m. following the day after graduation.  
  • Mid-June.
Youth Outreach R.Montgomery
  • Peace Poster Contest -- order packets from Lions Club International.  
  • Distribute to area schools for 11 to 13 year olds to participate in the art project.  
  • Pick up completed posters and bring to Board of Directors meeting and/or general club meeting for voting.
  • Fall.
Leos Club

R. Montgomery

D. Telesco

  • Work with high school students on club projects and assist them with fundraisers and community service projects.  
  • Volunteers work with the students to prepare for and coordinate fundraising events and attend Leos meetings.  
  • School year activity.
Blood Drives

J. Kettunen

  • Coordinates Lions Club sponsored blood drives with the American Red Cross, recruits volunteers for check-in, snack and beverage supplies, etc.
Pediatric Cancer/Cuddles    
Vets Standown  
  • Volunteers from the Club assist with Vets Standown.
Diabetes Awareness

(District & Club)

C. Smith

A. Smith



Road Races

A. Diezemann


A. Peck

  • New Years Day Run (January 1)
  • Strides for a Cure (co-sponsored by JDRF -- end of June)
Shred Day

M. Lyon

L. Lyon

L. Reiss

  • On-location shredding service for personal documents.  
  • Coordinate date with Town Hall usage of property.  
  • Advertise the date and compile volunteers to work on day of event.
  • Volunteers work with customers to accept payment, assist with transporting the items to the shredded to the truck, assist with the disposal of boxes and bags from the shredded items.
  • Help sell club supply of raffle tickets.  
  • Next Shred Day: May 21, 2022
Summer Raffle D. Moissonnier
  • Three cash prizes.
  • Coordinate with the State of Connecticut for compliance with laws of disclosure.  
  • Prepare and print raffle tickets.  
  • Distribute to the entire membership to sell.  
  • Coordinate the drawing of the tickets at time and place disclosed on the raffle ticket.  
  • Notify and distribute the winnings.  
  • Spring to July drawing date.
Golf Tournament

M. Lyon

D. Lombardo

  • Our largest fundraiser, supported by local businesses and members of the community; golfer prizes and raffle gifts.  Coordinate committees.  
  • Compile and confirm donors and sponsors of the event.  
  • Work with committee to communicate the event to the club and beyond.
  • Volunteers must assist with the procurement of sponsors for tees, freens, raffle prizes and ad book.  
  • Communicate event to obtain golf foursomes.  
  • Coordinate the raffle prizes prior to the outing.  
  • Outing day assistance with registration, work with venue for the food and beverage distribution, display the raffle prizes, sell raffle tickets and work on the course as needed.  
  • March through August tournament.
Fall Charity Breakfast C. Smith
  • A breakfast event featuring respected, knowledgeable speakers on vision and/or autism topics.  
  • Coordinate the date and venue for the Friday prior to Thanksgiving.  
  • Volunteers assist with mailings for sponsorship of event for the ad book and/or purchasing of a table.  
  • Coordinate with the venue for the table layout and number of attendees.  
  • Assist with the ad book/brochure.  
  • Determine the speaker and assist with obtaining the speaker and working the table decor with the topic for the event.  
  • October to November.
Pancake Breakfast

K. Noivadhana

J. Tanz

  • One of our largest fundraisers, supported by local businesses and members of the community. 
  • Coordinate the Sunday date and venue.
  • Compile and record payments of sponsors for placemat ads.  Communicate the event to the club and beyond.  
  • Volunteers needed for advertising, set up, clean up, greeting guests, taking payments, cooking, serving and anything else that must be done to ensure a successful event.
  • March/April timeframe.



Sunshine Report  L.Lyon
  • Distribution of news and information of club members' joys and concerns, such as health issues, hospitalizations, deaths in the family, births, marriages.  
  • Year round.
Website P. Tanz
  • Maintain timely information regarding the Brookfield Lions Club events and disseminate information regarding Lions Club International and Connecticut Multiple Districts.
Publicity R.Cronin
  • Photography & publication of Lions activities on local news sites
Dinner Liason J. Tanz
  • Arrange dinner logistics for club meetings
Speaker Coordinator M. Kettunen
  • Arrange speaker for club meetings
Holiday Party B. Moissonnier
  • Organize themed social event for members and spouses
Newsletter K. Symington
  • Gather information, write and distribute monthly newsletter to all members.
FUN Raising

J. Eagan,

S. Slater

  • Organize fun events for Club members such as duck pin bowling, etc.
Communications A. Peck
  • To improve how we communicate what is going on in the club to all our members in a timely way.
  • Help club members see how, when, and where they can participate.
  • Help inform the Brookfield community and the Lions community of the service work we are doing.
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